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ANGER is Spoiling the Marriage. Astrological Reasons and Suggestions to Improve

In the group of the people, there exists a variety of persons of different temper and nature. Some have a jolly nature whereas other has an unhappy mood. There are people of short temper and other stay cool and calm. Let us first take up the people who have astrological calm nature:

The nature of calmness in natural auspicious signs is assumed to come from the ancestors. They have this cool attitude in their blood. They are always happy and keep other in a jolly mood. This type of people doesn't get angry easily and have a gentle and light mood. Marriage predictions can be done.

The dwelling of the auspicious planet in 2nd or 12th house is also a sign of success. The person in this situation remains happy and doesn't get angry easily. And therefore, the person will be happy if houses adjacent to the ascendant are well-accepted. Marriage astrology can be done.

The person who is always in an irritated and restless mood, it is believed that Moon has an aspect of a malefic planet. Heart and mind are they are controlled by the Karak, which is believed to be the moon.

If a person has to remain calm and control then lord of Moon’s sign is under the influence of auspicious planets. Marriage astrology can be done. Yoga’s are resulting in harsh voice in a Janam Kundali.

There are some people around us who get angry very soon and lose their temper and make use of harsh and unpleasant words. Whereas, there are other people who know how to control their anger on time. Now we shall put some light on the astrological combinations for a harsh voice.

Mercury being the lord of the 2nd house has full control over the voice of the people. A person when gets angry make use of inappropriate words which doesn't sound good. A person uses harsh words when the lord of the second house is under the influence of a baleful planet. Marriage prediction can be done.

The person who tries to manipulate and play upon words is considered to be hiding something within him. Such person is diplomatic by nature.

This is caused by the presence of Rahu, Ketu and retrograde planets in the 2nd house. That is the reason we use such play upon words. Marriage horoscope is seen.

When the lord of 2nd house is placed in the retrograde house or inauspicious house, in that case, a person tends to lie a lot. Mercury being the lord of a harsh voice, a person does not have control on his tongue and he tends to use harsh words. Mercury becomes week when he is entered in the debilitated sign.

Aggressive behaviour of a person due to Astrological combinations:

As we know that ancestors determine the nature of the person. Substantially the house adjacent to the ascendant has an effect on the person's mood. A person gets irritated and angry just because of the presence of malefic planets in the 2nd house or the 12th house.

A person gets angry on small and minor issues just because of the Moon are placed in a fiery sign. Therefore, the moon affects the nature of the person and he gets short-tempered easily. Marriage horoscope is seen.

In Kundali, the 5th house belongs to intelligence. A person is confused because of the presence of the baleful planet in the house. He becomes angry and doesn't have control over his speech. Mercury is affected and a person cannot understand the reason behind the change in his behaviour.

Remedies that help in controlling anger:

People who get short-tempered a lot have to get a little peace of mind. Even family members don't want to around such person. They want life to be easy and peaceful. There are some mantras which have proven right to control the anger of the person. This mantra has to be chanted 108 times a day.

The person can consult some astrologer who can guide them and provide them with some gemstone which would help the planets to be in a position in Janam kundali.

Mantras are ‘Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya' and 'Hanuman Chalisa' is a remedy.

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