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All About Wife From Men’s Planet Chart

Astrology has done wonders in the field of marriage. It has solved millions of believer’s marital issues. Marriage astrology especially in India, has done more than a lot for a person looking forward to marry.

Eventually, Men do get concerned about their future spouses. They show an uncontrolled urge to know more about their would be life-partners. They want marriage astrology to make marriage predictions that would disclose some unimaginable factors about their would-be spouse. Marriage astrology, here could tell that what all you can predict about your would-be wife from a man’s planet chart.

What planet represents your wife according to marriage astrology?

In your janam kundali, the planet Venus represents your wife. The placement of Venus in the planet chart and the planet residing in the 7th house can tell all about your wife. Marriage astrology gives a lot of priority to these placements for predicting all about wife. Placement of Venus in friendly houses and zodiacs would be favorable ofa good and desired wife.  

How would your wife look like?

Again the planet Venus in the planet chart would suggest you the looks of your Wife. Its position in one of the house would tell how much beauty or health conscious would she be. Other than Venus, the planet Mercury plays an important role. Venus in the 7th house and the planet Mercury aspecting it from the nearby houses or in a conjunction with Venus in 7th house would clearly indicate a beautiful wife.  

Which direction from your native place is your wife’s native place?

Each planet in the 7th house represents a direction of your would-be spouse. Each planet is assigned a direction according vedic astrology in marriage astrology.

Marriage astrology for determining the direction of wife’s native place:





















Based on the directions it can easily be judged by marriage predictions astrology.

Where would you meet your wife first?

For this determination you need to see very clearly the position of your 7th lord in the janam kundali. After you figure the lord see the house directly aspecting it from front. That house zodiac would clearly depict the place where you would meet your wife.

What would be her personality like?

The planet residing in the 7th house would clearly depict your wife’s personality. Be careful of the planets that are residing in the 7th house. A benefic or friendly planet in the 7th house shows a planet’s positive personality traits present in your wife. A malefic planet would project bad personality traits of a planet in your wife.

Would your wife be religious?

The 9th planet from your 7th house is the 2nd house in your janam kundali. Presence of Venus in your 2nd house would depict a very religious wife. This would also show that she has healing powers and might be in a profession related to medicine. Other than this, if your 5th house from your 7th house has Jupiter residing then also your wife is religious.  

Would she know how to cook good food?

Cooking represents a work of fire. Mars is the planet that governs all the work related to fire. Your 4th house represents your home and your 10th house represents your wife’s house. Your wife would be a good cook if you have Mars either in 4th or 10th house. Your 12th house is the 6th house from your 7th house. It represents your willingness to serve somebody. This serving might include cooking food for someone or serving the government as a politician or serving people as a government server. A moon in your 12th house would show how easy would she find to cook for others.

What profession would she be in?

Each planet would depict a certain kind of profession. Your 4th house is 10th from your 7th house. It depicts the profession of your wife. Any planet in the 4th house would have a basic element that would depict a profession. This would clearly suggest your wife’s profession.

Would she be good in bed?

If you have Mars in the 6th, 7th, 11th, 1st or the 2nd house your wife is expected to be good in bed. This placement in the signs of Gemini or Scorpio depicts high sexual drive of your native. Another position that shows high sexual behavior is a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the above houses. Marriage horoscope also suggests this behavior from the position of Moon. Moon in 6th, 11th, 1st or 2nd house projects a high sexual drive also.

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