Is marriage recommended if there are less than 10 Gunas Matching in Kundali Matching.

Is marriage recommended if there are less than 10 Gunas Matching in Kundali Matching.

Is marriage recommended if there are less than 10 Guna's Matching in Kundali Matching.The most auspicious event in one’s life is marriage. Getting married to someone you love or someone you met recently for marriage is a different feeling altogether. Getting a trustworthy and honest partner is what we all dream of. No matter whether you’re having a love marriage or an arranged marriage,choosing the most suitable spouse should be your top priority.

In Hindu tradition, kundali matching for marriage is a must. The purest bond of marriage is established only after the horoscope or kundali matching of both partners. This ritual is performed to affirm a compatible and prosperous married life. It is been said by astrologers that to have a successful married life, the Guna matches between both partners should not be less than 18. Really? Is it true?

Let’s find out;

What is kundali or Gunas matching?

For the uninitiated, kundali matching by date of birth or Guna Milan for marriage is a tradition that is followed by Indian parents for ages. Before marriage, the horoscopes of both the bride & groom are matched to assure whether their married life will be successful or not. The main task during kundali matching by name for marriage is ashta-koota matching which needs to be 36 points among both the horoscopes.

To ensure a happy and successful married life, the guna matching between both partners should not be less than 18. Among 36 gunas, at least 18 should match for marriage approval. If the matching gunas are less than 10, marriage is not recommended as it may lead to severe issues and marital agony. According to astrology, the best match ensues when 26 to 32 gunas match. 

Benefits of Kundali Matching

If you’re lucky enough to match 26 gunas with your partner, you may enjoy a bunch of privileges in your married life. 

1) Compatibility: The main purpose of kundali matching by date of birth or guna Milan is to find the level of compatibility between both partners. Each Guna or kundali represents a different phase of life and is assigned a different value in your married life. According to Vedic astrology, the more the score, the happier you will be in your married life.

2) Stability: Stability is always important in a relationship. When two people marry each other, their planetary movements affect their lives. Bhakoot, the 7th of 8 gunas signifies their joint impact. Kundali matching allows us to know more about stability in their relationship.

3) Doshas: According to astrology, the fortune of a star is signified by its position at the time of its birth. If the stars are not aligned properly, they cause Doshas like Mangal Dosha, Shani Dosha, etc. these doshas can create issues in your marriage. This is why kundali matching is a must, before marriage. It helps identify the hidden problems that may create a ruckus in your married life.

What if the kundali matching is below 10?

The kundali matching or guna Milan for marriage can be below 10. The most important part of kundali matching is the placement of the moon in the birth chart of both individuals. The position of planets influences the lives of individuals. This helps in building a successful and happy relationship with your partner.

Being an important factor to consider before marriage, if your kundali or guna doesn’t match well with your partner, it's better you come out of that relationship. But if you are in love with your partner and can’t survive without her, here are some astrological remedies for you.

If there is a kundali mismatch because of Yoni Dosha, follow the below steps.

 Chant Mritunjoy Jaap every morning

 Arrange a griha Santi puja before the wedding

 Donate clothes and food to the poor 

If there is a kundali mismatch with your partner because of Mangal Dosha, follow the below steps

 If the girl is Manglik, you have to marry a peepal tree. Following this activity will reduce your mangal dosh.

 Getting married after 28 years is also a remedy to improve your married life and make it better.


If there is Nada dosha in your kundali, you need to follow the below steps;

 Donate food and clothes to needy Brahmin families. this is an amazing remedy for Nada dosha. 

 Another amazing remedy to talk about is marrying the idol of Lord Vishnu 

 You can also perform a special puja at your home to get rid of the ill effects of the Nada dosha. 

If there is Bhakoot dosha in your Kundli, following the below steps will help

 You can perform Bhakoot dosha puja at your home. Make sure you chant Maha mrityunjoy Jaap while performing the puja

 Wearing the gemstone of your zodiac sign is also a powerful remedy to throw away the negativity from your life.


So, what are you waiting for? These days, kundali matching online can help you find the best match. All you need to do is enter all the details, correctly. Before getting married to your partner, make sure you have proper guna Milan for marriage. Kundali mismatch can lead to severe issues in your married life, sometimes difficult to evade. Consulting a renowned astrologer will help you with all types of services like guna Milan of happy married life, guna matching by name, Kundli matching by date of birth, etc. Make sure that you’ve done all therituals right and have followed all the traditions before getting married to your partner.

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