Is Kundali Matching Important in Love Marriage?

Is Kundali Matching Important in Love Marriage?

The traditional practice of marriage focuses on Kundli matching for its success. Though we found numerous failed marriages that were approved by Kundli matching while countless successful marriages, which earlier violated the rule of Kundali matching. For this reason, a lot of people are always confused that whether they must go for kundali matching for marriage or not.

What is Kundli Matching?

In Kundli matching, the horoscope of groom and bride are matched to make sure the bride and groom live a prosperous and happy married life. Mainly, ashta-koota is considered during this process. 

It is believed that the bride and groom must have at least 18 gunas matched for a successful marriage. The maximum gunas matched are 36. A guna score under 18 is considered insufficient and in this case, the marriage must be avoided.

Benefits of Kundli Matching

So, is it only the gunas that are taken into account during Kundali matching? There are a lot of other things also checked during this process. According to love marriage astrology matching Kundlis lead to various benefits for a couple such as:

  • Compatibility Test – The process offers a detailed check-up of compatibility level between a couple. 

  • Progeny and Health – Childbirth plays a pivotal role in a happy married life. Equally vital is the health of not only the couple but also other members of their family. Kundli matching helps to determine the harmony of all such aspects.

  • Financial Stability – Marriage affects the career growth and financial status of both people. Kundli matching focuses on these aspects in detail to ensure the couple enjoy wonderful marital bliss.

  • Dosha Rectification – A lot of Doshas can affect your horoscope and result in countless issues in your married life. With Kundli matching, such Doshas can be known before hand and remedies can be practiced to correct them. 

In addition to these, Kundli matching can help you know about other aspects such as nature of your spouse, your relationship with in-laws, place and time of marriage, right time for marriage, etc. You can go for Kundali matching by date of birth or name, depending on what your astrologer asks for.  

Kundli Matching in Love Marriages

With changing times, love marriages are happening more prominently. Though love is an essential pillar for a successful marriage, but there are various other criterions that has to be fulfilled.

In love marriages, the two people know each other for a long. They are aware of their compatibility with each other. They are aware of each other choices, and preferences, and are even familiar with each other’s lifestyles. 

But matching Kundlis can give an edge over this. It gives an idea about the compatibility level. One can know about his//her partner’s personality and temperament in detail, physical issues, sexual abilities, and attitude. 

Kundli matching in love astrology is also considered important because it helps to find out progeny issues, the possibility of second marriage or an extramarital affair, the life span of each partner, and divorce or delayed marriage. 

Mutual understanding, trust, and love are necessary for long-lasting endurance of any relationship. In this context, love marriage definitely holds an edge over arrange marriages and are more likely to succeed. But the results also depend on the karma of a person. 

If your horoscope reveals any mismatch or likelihood of problematic marriage or divorce or any other major mishap, it is essential to avoid such marriage. Alternatively, you can plan Dosha rectification to reduce the negative effects from the horoscope. 

How to Overcome Kudli Doshas in Love Marriages?

Love marriage is not much different than arrange marriages. Even there is a possibility that despite having strong love and understanding for each other, your horoscope does not match. This can be because of various reasons, particularly because of different doshas in your or your partner’s horoscope. If despite such doshas both of you want to marry each other, you need to consult an expert love marriage astrologer.

An astrologer will let you know about the correct remedies and perform meritorious acts to reduce the negativity of such Doshas. There are various spiritual activities performed that help to succeed your love marriage to a great extent. 

Kundli matching is still considered an important foundation for both arrange marriages and love marriages. However, more than other things, the two people must have true love for each other. They must be able to accommodate the wishes and needs of each other. The couple must try to maintain a harmonious ambience in their relationship.

When there is existence of trust and love, you can fight and win over even the toughest domestic storm. So, do go for kundli matching in love marriage to see whether your partner is a perfect match and if there are some slight issues, a good astrologer can definitely lend the needed help.

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