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5 Ways You Can Prepare for Future with Astrology

Did you know that astrology is a practical tool that can give you invaluable guidance to plan out your life? No matter how perfect the planning and execution of your actions, it is a fact that you cannot control the result of your actions. Sometimes you achieve the goal, and sometimes you don’t. However, the ancient science of astrology can be consulted to increase the chances of success in all areas of your life. Let’s look at 5 of them

Nurturing Marriage

Be it any aspect of marriage, astrology can help you become aware of the nature of your spouse and how to deal with them

Based on the study of the janma kundali and planetary positions, astrologer can explain which areas of the relationships are not going well, or the consequences of not taking any precautions.

  • An afflicted 7th house or its lord, could mean issues in one’s marriage of compatibility
  • Venus is known as the planet of relationships. Its positioning is important love between spouses
  • Malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu can cause divorce

Work-life balance

Astrology can tell you which part of your life you need to focus on at any given point in time.

  • Based on the study of your janma kundali and the planetary positions and rashis placed in each house, an astrologer can tell you if you will experience changes or challenges related to relationships, career, money, health etc.
  • Dashas and antardashas of your horoscope can give timeline of when a bad period will end and a good period will start and auspicious times to start new ventures.

Planning for children

  • For the birth of child both fifth and ninth houses are observed but for conception only fifth house is analyzed.
  • Good planets like Jupiter in 5th house, planets facing this house, and power and position of this house determine the “santan praapti yog”
  • Malefic planets like Saturn, mars, sun, rahu and ketu affecting the fifth house or its lord causes problems in marriage.

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Financial security

  • If mercury in combination with moon aspects the 2nd house or lord of the 2nd house and forms any good dhan yogas, one can get luck making investments or trading in shares.
  • If 11th house is afflicted with malefic planets, business ventures are usually not successful
  • If mercury is in the ascendant and moon is in 7th house, then one has a good sense for business and can do well with connections. 

Preventing illnesses

  • When malefic planets are posited in houses like 6th (disease), 8th (longevity) and 12th (death), one must take utmost care of one’s health
  • When bad planets occupy the ascendant, health is a concern
  • When sun, moon and ascendant – all three are afflicted, health becomes an issue

Want to know what’s in store for you?

Astrology can help you in these three big areas of your life by providing you with very authentic predictions. Based on these, you can take proper action, proper precaution and be assured of perfect results at the right time.

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