Marriage worries and career struggle

28 Years Plus Age - Marriage Worries and Career Struggle

The two times we are forced to take careful and well-calculated decisions in life is related to marriage and career. If these two are smooth, then life itself goes really smooth.

If you are 28 years and above, you know that there are no guarantees in life.

Will my marriage happen soon and be smooth? Will my career take off? Such questions are usually top of the mind for those who are in the age bracket of 28+

Astrology can really help in this area and give you peace of mind, practical solutions and smart ways to approach this phase of life. Are you ready to know how astrology can help?

Marriage worries on the mind?

Nowadays there are online marriage prediction which are made available by putting in one’s date of birth, time and location of birth.

The 7th house in our janma kundali can reveal all the answers regarding marriage – whether you want to know the timing of marriage, if it will be love or arranged, type of spouse you will get, all of these can be answered from the study of this house.

In general, the position of auspicious planets like Jupiter and Venus are considered beneficial for marriage, while malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu can cause many problems in this area. Saturn or the effect of Shani can cause a long late in marriage. Position of Mars in certain houses in one’s horoscope, creates mangal dosh, which again brings delay in marriage.

Marriage worries can be removed by:

  • Study of planets, positioning and suggesting remedies for any negative doshas.
  • The best time for looking for suitable partner can be told – such as during dasha or planetary time period of Venus or moon.

Career struggle a cause of concern?

By age 28, most people would already have established themselves in some career line, and would be experiencing some unique issues related to their career.

Some of the usual issues are:

  • No job fulfillment or growth
  • No promotion for hard-work
  • Problems faced through boss
  • Frequent job-changes

Nowadays there are online career predictions which are made available by putting in one’s date of birth, time and location of birth.

In general, it is the 10th house that reveals all about the job, profession and career. It is during the dasha of the 10th house and 10th lord that many good developments happen related to the job. The 5th house in one’s horoscope is what is checked for education. If it is occupied by strongly auspicious planets, it means one has a good education and therefore chances of a good job.

Career struggle can be removed by:

  • Making major career changes during transit of Jupiter. If Jupiter transitions from 2nd , 4th or  6th house – there is possibility of good job with a handsome package. This is because the movement of Jupiter from these houses would mean it would aspect the 10th house of career, which gives a good benefit
  • Astrologers can suggest remedies to strengthen the position of planets depending on the type of job one is aspiring for. For example, Surya or Sun needs to be in a powerful position in 5th and 10th house, so that one can get a government job. Mars needs to be strong for military or army jobs, moon needs to be strong for nursing etc. Astrologers can see the horoscope and tell you whether a particular profession suits you or not.

Take the help of online astrology and put an end to all marriage and career problems.

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