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10 Years in Marriage, Losing Interest. Can Astrology Suggest Reasons and Remedies?

Every person desires for a satisfied and happy married life. The happiness between a married couple sustains only when there is love and affection between the two. But when the love and interest starts losing then this can disturb the relationship and can result in problems between the two.

While the problem is definitely painful, astrology kundli can provide you with the best solutions for this problem. Before you move on to know the possible astrology reasons to cure such a problem in your married life, first have a glance at the reasons for this problem.

Reasons for Dispute and Lack of Interest between Husband and Wife

  • The main houses responsible for marital harmony are 4th house, 8th, 7th, and 12th house. Besides the positivity of these houses it is essential to check Upapada Lagna as well as 2nd house.

  • If the lord of 4th house is disturbed then this would lead to lack of happiness after marriage.

  • 7th house is another house important for marriage and relationship. If the lord of 7th house is weak then the couple is not destined to have a good marital life.

  • 8th house is related to affection and understanding between couple. If the 8th house is afflicted with malefic effects then it can lead to negative results in a marriage. Even this house is responsible for loss of interest and a partner falling in an extramarital affair.

  • The 12th house is related to the intimacy between couple. Problems in 12th house indicate lack of interest and poor physical life.

  • The situation of Upapada Lagna is also important to analyze the marital status of a couple. It is Arudha pada of 12th house and if you are Taurus then your 12th house lord will be Mars. If Mars is incorrectly placed and is always from 12thou house then this will hamper your relationship with the partner. If the Upapada Lagna is affected with malefic planets then it will disturb the relationship and if it is influenced with benefic planets then it implies good marriage.

Hence, whenever there is marriage kundli milan then it is essential to keep these aspects in consideration.

Remedies to Solve Disputes between Husband and Wife

If your janam kundli shows any such signs of troubles then no need to worry. There are some astrology remedies to be followed, which can cure the problem completely.

  1. One of the best ways to solve disputes between a wife and husband is chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra on a daily basis. If you are not aware of the Mantra then you can even chant the Shiv mantra on a daily basis.

  2. Another remedy to bring in interest and love between the couple is ‘Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha.’

  3. Besides this, the couple can wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. Wearing this is proven to increase affection between the couple.

  4. The couple of lord Shiva and Parvati are known to offer blessings to the married couple. Worshipping them on a daily basis is expected to bring harmony between the couple.

  5. Lalita Sahasranama is another mantra that can be chanted daily to bring in peace and prosperity between the couple.

While these are all remedies to get rid of disputes and affection problems between couple, the best solution is to go for kundli horoscope matching before the marriage. If the astrologer finds any problem in the kundli matchmaking then it is advised to follow all the remedies suggested for marriage kundli. If you don’t have a kundli then you can get it from an online kundli generator.

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