Yogini Dasha

Yogini Koot/ Dasha

Yogini Dasha is another important dasha of vedic Astrology .

The astrologers very commonly study this Dasha during match making or kundali Milan. This Dasha is similar to a Nakshatra  dasha which is based upon the position of the Moon.

Each nakshatra is associated with a Yogini and each Yogini has a corresponding planet. There are total eight (8)Yogini and the period for these dasha to last is 36 years.

Following are the 8 yogini and their ruling nature;

Mangla Dasha:

This dasha lasts for one (01) year. The lord of this dasha is “Moon”. During this period, an individual will remain very calm and pure. He /She will be inclined towards spirituality and religious activities. The person will only be involved with good and pure thoughts. Success come slowly.

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Pingala Dasha:

The duration of this dasha is for two(2) years. The ruling planet is “SUN” and during this time a person goes through lot of aggression. Sometimes the person may experience health issues related to heart. May suffer from small disease too.

Dhanya Dasha:

“Jupiter” rules this dasha. This period lasts for three (3) years and during this time a person has growth, prosperity and progress in his /her life. As Jupier is also associated with Karaka planet hence the person with dhanya dasha would travel to religious places and take right paths.

Bharamari Dasha :

“Mars“ is the ruling planet here. This time lasts for almost five (5) years in a person life. During this time, the person will go through bit of challenges but will get chances to travel abroad for work. At this time success and progress will only be provided with lot of efforts and courage.

Bhadrika Dasha :

The duration of Bhadrika Dasha is for five (5) years. “Mercury” is the Lord. This dasha brings support and love to your life. Such a person makes many friends. He is respected by influential people and gets opportunity to be blessed by saints. He may also get good results from his hard work and may have social status.

Ulka Dasha :

Ulka is “Saturn” Dasha. It stays for six(6) years. During this time there can be mass destruction. This Dasha is considered inauspicious. A person may lose money, fame and conveyance during this dasha. There may be stress, obstacles and disputes in the family.

Siddha Dasha:

Is “Venus” Dasha. It extends up to seven(7) years. This is considered an auspicious Dasha. During this time, a person is happy and fortunate. He may also be promoted and get a lot of exposure to glamour world. During this time will get wealth, company of opposite sex and may travel world.

Sankata Dasha:

Ruled by “Rahu”. The duration of this dasha is eight (8) years. Sankata Dasha provides disease, suffering, loss or death however; the person may be detached from the family. Usually such people are stubborn.

These Dasha has an influence on the person during his lifetime. The influence also depends upon the natural character of the yogini.  So bad Yogini will result in difficult time and period . Person during these dasha needs to take full precautions and must work with full heart towards the solution so that the effect can be minimize.

To know these dasha and the rules one must consult an astrologer or jyotish to know the period and work towards the solutions.  

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