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Years of Unhappy marriage. Should I move on or Stay. How astrology can help

Marriages are a match made in heaven; or so we are forced to believe. In Hindu marriage astrology, sun signs, planets and their relating positions are taken into account to design a marriage prediction where kundalis of the couple are coupled together to find out if the marriage would be beneficial or not. However, even astrologers cannot always predict with 100% accuracy what the future of any marriage would look like. After all, the marriage compatibility depends not only on your sun signs (which tell you about the traits and characterises of a person), but also depend upon the two people in the marriage, who are willing to make the marriage work.

Unfortunately, 50% of all marriages often end up in divorce, and 70% of once happy marriages become unhappy, even toxic after a point of time. An unhappy marriage could eventually lead to divorce, if care is not taken to rekindle the marriage once again.

So what are some of the astrological signs that might lead to an unhappy marriage?

There are three planets- Mars, Mercury and the Moon which can help make this marriage prediction.

  • Those individuals or couples who have the Moon sign might find it difficult to connect to their spouses emotionally. More often than not, this can be the leading cause of an unhappy marriage.

  • The presence of Mars can cause many disputes, misunderstandings and bursts of anger and rage between the couples. The couples might be looking for different things emotionally, physically and in terms of their lifestyles.

  • The planet Mercury does not hold any power of its own, but moulds itself according to the characteristics and traits of the individual person. Mercury combined with other planets and sun signs of the individual can magnify certain characteristics, good or bad.

Astrology can be used to predict the future outcome of a marriage by taking into account the chart made by an astrologer. This consists of reading the individual and couples horoscopes, their traits, characteristics, and future predictions when it comes to compatibility, trust, compassion, emotional bonding, careers, etc.

Marriage Astrology can help to make a give a near accurate representation of a couples married life. Astrologers might even be able to give solutions to those who are in an unhappy marriage, however, these solutions are greatly personalized, depending upon the characteristics and charts of the individuals suffering the unhappy marriage.

If you find yourself to be stuck in an unhappy marriage for several years, and are considering staying or leaving the marriage, the first thing that you must ask yourself is- if You are willing to make an effort to make the marriage work, or not. More often than not, a little bit of effort can make a lot of difference in a marriage. There are certain signs which are simply more prone to being emotionally distant, however, if this is something that you and your partner can work on, this too can be overcome.

Changing certain positions of items in your house, more commonly known as Vastu can also help. However, these exact changes can be told to you by a professional astrologer. Many people often turn to astrology to try and get answers for an unhappy marriage. Even if the astrological prediction for your marriage has been unsatisfactory, certain changes done by the individuals themselves can often make a difference between a happy and an unhappy marriage. business hotels in singapore

Visit a professional astrologer to get an accurate reading and solutions to tend to an unhappy marriage.

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