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Will your partner will help you in your career according to astrology

Marriage is spiritual and emotional union of two adults that serves as a life-long commitment. It is an important institution in our lives that gives you an opportunity to start a family and lead a prosperous life. Astrology is a study of influences of distant zodiac cosmic objects, specially stars and planets that influences our future. It devotes considerable attention to predict your financial growth post marriage. You can know with the help of astrologers, how your partner will help you progress in your career after you get married. If we match the two horoscopes of partners, we would get to know how their luck will influence each other in financial matters.

Planets and houses that are important for your career post marriage

         Career Astrology

According to astrology, your 10th house of the horoscope indicates your career. When we judge wealth and rise in career after marriage we have to minutely analyze the 1st house, 7th house and 8th house and the position of their lords. This analysis is very important. 1st house indicates everything related to you. If your first house is strong you can pursue your career as you will be healthy and talented. The 7th house of your horoscope indicates to your partner. If any malefic planet occupies your 7th house then your life partner will trouble you and your marital life will not be smooth. However the most important house in this case is the 8th house, as it is the second house from the 7th house and it indicates accumulated wealth. Hence the 8th house can suggest that how much money you will get from your partner and in-laws.

Importance of second house in natal chart

The importance of second house in the natal chart cannot be ignored for judging your rise post marriage. If auspicious planets are occupying the second house and the lord of the second house is well placed in your chart there is a strong possibility that your husband will be wealthy. He will have the financial stability to help you in your career. To indicate when you will gain these supports we need to judge the disposition of the planets in Navamsha division and in Vimshottari Dasa. On the other hand, if inauspicious and malefic planets are associated with the second house or the lord of the second house is in combustion with ill factors then the native will lose money after marriage. Their spouse will struggle to retain the financial stability they had before they got married. Progress in career will be halted. However if the lord of the second house is suitably placed in the horoscope and no malefic planet occupies the second house but the eleventh house/lord is not well placed, then the full benefits of the benefic second house will be hard to attain.

    Career Prediction

Position of the lord of seventh house needs to analyzed

If the lord of the seventh house is well placed then it can indicate financial gains through your partner. But the effects can vary with other compositions in your horoscope. For example, if your seventh lord is occupying the zodiac of your eleventh house lord, your partner will share his income with you but in case if your seventh lord is placed in your 3rd house then you cannot expect any monetary help from your partner. Seventh house in general plays a major part in this regard as it suggests everything about your partner.

Union of lords of houses can play a major part

If in your horoscope the lord of the seventh house is in beneficial combination with the lord of the eleventh house without any malefic influences, it will generate wealth after marriage and your partner will be very helpful in regards to your career. Similarly, if the lords of the second house and the eleventh house makes a union and the lord of the seventh house is also well disposed then you will be blessed with money and prosperity in your career post marriage.

Indications of a prosperous post marriage life

Positions of planets in your horoscope can indicate how much will your prosper in your career post marriage. If your Upapada Lagna is conjunct with benefic planets, it indicates a happy and trouble free marriage in general. You don’t need to worry financially. If the Upapada Lagna and Arudha Lagna is conjunct or in 5-9, there is high chance that your spouse will be very caring and loving. Also if you have benefic planets in the second house, your married life is protected.

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Your karma is paying you back      

All these factors need to be taken into consideration before deriving into a conclusion via astrology. The role of the Navamsha division is also important in this regard. Some people often get rich after getting married as it opens up new opportunities for them thanks to benefit factors in their horoscope while others live a moderate life after tying the knot. Some unfortunate couples even face severe setbacks in their lives post marriage and start blaming their partners for their downfall. Karmic theory suggests that the reason for happy marital life or birth of any discord is totally depends on what you have done for your spouse in your previous life. Your deeds in your previous life is being paid back to you in this life. luxury hotels in New York

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