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Will you marry the person you love? It can be predicted by the help of astrology

Love marriages have become very common worldwide in the last few decades. Some natives are blessed with love in their horoscope. They fall in love and maintain a successful relationship. You can check with love marriage astrology that can predict whether you have love marriage in your fate or not. Let us analyze the combinations of the planets that bless you with a love marriage.

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The seventh house

The first thing that should be checked carefully in your horoscope is the seventh house and the lord of this house. According to Vedic astrology, the seventh house indicates everything about your married life. It can also predict the type of the marriage. If this house is blessed with good planets like Venus, Mars or Moon, then it can be safely said that you will marry someone of your own choice.

The lord of the house

But if you don’t have these planets in the seventh house, don’t get disappointed. We have to next check the lord of this house. If the lord of the house is combining with these planets then there is a possibility of love marriage in your future.

Venus in the limelight

Next, we need to turn our attention towards the planet Venus. It is the planet that influences our love life the most. If this planet is situated in houses like first, fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth or twelfth, then it can be safely assumed that you will fall in love. If Venus is placed in one of these houses and it is associated with planets like Rahu and Ketu, then you will marry your loved one against the wishes of the society.

Moon’s play

A position of the planet Moon needs to be analyzed too to come to a proper conclusion. Moon situated in the fifth, seventh or twelfth house indicates you will marry of your own choice. When it combines with planets like Venus and Mars, the effects become stronger.

Mars in the house

The planet Mars also plays a key role in deciding your love life. Mars makes you passionate and courageous enough to express your feelings to the person you love. If Venus and Mars combine in your horoscope then you will be very passionate in your love life. There are some combinations in astrology that specifically indicate that you will marry the love of your life. If Venus and your seventh lord aspects each other or combines with Saturn, then love astrology can be predicted.

Saturn’s rings

Similarly, Saturn associated with seventh house and its lord will also make you marry someone whom you loved before. If the planet Sun is in the house of Taurus then astrology predicts that you will be attracted to a lady who is beautiful and powerful. You will be able to marry her in the end.

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However, Venus in the house of Taurus will compel you to love a generous lady. Your love marriage will be based on sexual attraction if lords of the second, fourth, fifth, seventh and eleventh house are combined with Saturn or Rahu. According to astrology if Venus, Sun, and Moon are in the signs of Leo, Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces then there is a possibility of love marriage too. By checking these combinations in your horoscope, we can safely conclude that you will have a love marriage.

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