Will I get job in abroad , how astrology can tell about ?

Will I get job in abroad , how astrology can tell about ?

With development in technology and easy methods of transportation, going to another country has become a very easy task.Today, we come across many families where at least one of the members of the family is living abroad. There is an attraction of settling down in various countries due to the abundance of opportunities and also the amount of remuneration being much more than that in India.

The opportunities offered by other countries are a dream for many of the youngsters who aspire to get jobs in other countries.In fact, we can say that it has become a craze with the younger generation to make their career in abroad and they want to settle abroad to avail of all the luxuries offered by the economically well-to-do countries.

A person would naturally be interested in knowing if he is going to have a chance to settle abroad. This is where Vedic Astrology plays a major role. A study of the various planets and houses will help gain an insight into what is in store for the person. Let’s see the effect of various planets and the Houses on the horoscope of the native who is interested in settling in foreign countries.


2nd House–This House represents the Family. It lets us know about earning potential from foreign lands. If two or more planets like Saturn, Mercury and Rahu are found in this house, and also the Lord of the 12th House is situated here, then the person settles at a far off place.

3rd House – If three or more planets are found in this House, then the person will live abroad and settle there. If Moon and Ketu are found in the 3rd House, the person is inclined to travel a lot. If 3rd Lord gets related to 12th Lord and 9th Lord, it is a strong indication for foreign travel.

4th House –This House represents House and property.  As this House tells us about our Birthplace, if this House is troubled, it is a sure sign that the person will go to a foreign place. If the Lord of 4th House is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th Houses and Rahu and Ketu are connected with this House, it is absolutely sure that the person will settle in another country Also, if the Lord of 4th House is in the 12th House it gives us conclusive information that the person will live abroad permanently and is effective only when the 9th House is also strong along with it.

8th House – This house represents anything related to Foreign. If the Lord of the 8th House exchanges its House with any planet then the person will make a foreign trip.

9th House–This is one of the primary Houses for journey abroad.If the Ascendant Lord is found in this House, the person will definitely go abroad

11th House – This House represents your earning, wealth and prosperity.It  lets us know about one’s economic status in society.

12th House- This house represents the Foreign Land. This is also one of the primary Houses for a journey abroad.If Ascendant Lord is found in this House, there are chances of the native travelling abroad. If Moon and Venus are placed in the 12th House, it indicates travel to foreign lands. If Rahu is conjunct with the Moon and Venus, it gives us very strong indication that the person is inclined to go abroad. If the 9th Lord is placed in the 12th House, it shows that you will make a fortune in the foreign shores. A group of 4 or 5 planets in this House lets us know for sure that foreign travel is indicated for the person.


Rahu/Ketu – Rahu is the most important planet which denotes the travel of a person abroad. Rahu in conjunction with 7th Lord, 8th Lord, 9th Lord or the 12th Lord can give us indication of foreign travel.

Moon – Moon is very important when we look for settling abroad in foreign countries as it is the 4th Lord by nature. Moon in a Water sign and in conjunction with Rahu gives us indication of travel to foreign country. Also, Moon in the 8th, 9th or 12th House gives indication of settlement in foreign countries. business hotels in london

So, we have looked at some of the Houses and Planets which help us study if a person is likely to settle abroad. To understand more about the above and perfect details, consult an astrologer or ask your questions regarding settling abroad on our website.

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