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Wife always criticizes me for whatever I do. Can astrology suggest reasons and remedies

Mutual respect is essential for happy married life. To make sure you get a happy life after marriage it is vital to check Janam Kundli of bride and groom before marriage. There are many astrologers who can read marriage Kundli. You can approach them to check matches. They examine both Kundlis and whether every guna matches then he will suggest carrying out the marriage.

It is better to use Kundli maker sites if you don’t have a Kundli. There are many online Kundli generator sites you can use. From these sites, you can also get a kundli prediction from expert astrologers. There are eight houses in your birth chart. Each house represents each characteristic in your life. An astrologer checks the occupancy of planets in each house and predicts your future life according to planet position. It varies from person to person. So, it is better to consider someone before marriage to avoid incompatibility issues in future.

        Why my marriage life unhappy ?

Does your wife criticize you always? Have you checked for Kundli matching before marriage? If not, that could be the reason. There are many reasons that cause problems between husband and wife after marriage.

The reason behind incompatibility after marriage

If mars are in the 7th house and not placed well with other planets, then it will create disharmony in your married life.

If Saturn is placed in 7th house and is in a square with mars, then misunderstandings between husband and wife will be more. This may lead to criticism and quarrel always.

If Saturn is in 7th house and not the Lord of the 7th house, then unhappiness in marriage life will happen. Other reasons could be when Sun and Venus occupy 5th, 7th, and 9th house.

A weak planetary position of Venus and Mars will cause unstable husband-wife relation, and it may lead to divorce.

If lord of 7th house is placed in the 6th or 8th house, it leads to disagreement between couples and leads to separation of the couple.

Venus-Mars combination can lead to big problems in married life. But if 19th house lord is well disposed, it may reduce the effect

If Kuja dosa is there in boys or girl’s horoscope, it will cause partner’s death.

If Venus is placed on 4th house and 7th house lord is combust in its place, then unhappiness in married life is sure.

These are some common reasons for disharmonies in married life. There are other reasons also. These are some general problems that create disharmony. Another possible solution you can do is to check Kundli Milan by name. If that matches, you can proceed with the marriage.

Solutions for family problems

Om Nama Shivaya is a mantra that helps you to strengthen the relationship. You can chant it on Monday by visiting Shiva temple.

Trayakshar Maha Mruthyunjay mantra is also very effective. If you do it for 21 days, it will help to bring happiness in your married life.

To get rid of all negativities you can Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. Both couples can wear this to bring back happiness.

To ensure happiness in married life, you can light a mustard oil lamp on Thursday under Peepal tree or Banana tree.

You can keep 11 Gomti Chakra along with red vermilion in a box can get rid of problems in married life.

You can offer prayers to the planet that causes problems in your married life.

Wipe the floor with salt water daily or at least once a week to remove all negative energies from your house.

These are some general solutions for your problems. Check Kundli horoscope for more detailed solutions. A good astrologer has solutions for all your problems by analyzing your horoscope. Astrology Kundli is a science that you can believe in. Connect with them immediately to avoid all inauspicious problems in your married life.

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