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When you stuck somewhere in your life, astrology can play an important role. But is it possible to explain the science behind it

Are you the one preparing for something? Felt drowning in mud, worthless, and confused? In place of happiness, anxiety, overwhelm, and fear has taken place? Trying to move on in life? Still stuck with the broken relation? Trying to find the way of peace but couldn’t able to get it. Everyone is suggesting to do something, in fact, they give you remedies but you still found yourself stuck. Even talking about career, marriage, love, family, finance, health, etc. everything seems stopped. Don’t be ashamed when you are not able to find direction and you do not know in which direction to take the first step to overcome your fear.
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This does not happen only with you, many people do face these problems day-by-day. It is just the feeling that stops us from pursuing our dream but at some point in life, we know something is there that is alive. But meanwhile, our energies are limited and we do not know how to come out this situation that is forcefully imposed on us. Sometimes the worst is we don’t know what is imposed on us and why we are limiting ourselves.

Don’t worry, I know it is quite scary to accept this situation and to confront this situation. That invisible obstacle keeps you stuck at the same place where you were earlier. Even the situation is hopeful but you seem hopeless that nothing goes right. In this case many would go to temples, some tries to go on travel. However, its answer lies in astrology.

Astrological truth behind Stuck in life

In Vedic astrology, a person’s place of birth and date of birth are sufficient to find the planetary positions at the time of birth. These positions of the planet have great influence over the each and every person’s life. Whenever you feel happy, getting success after putting less effort, and sometimes you really have to work hard to achieve what you need is all because of the planetary movement. At a particular time, at particular longitude- latitude, the positions of the planet shows its different effect.
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However, Saturn is the planet of Confusion in life and Ketu is a malefic planet that keeps person move here and there without any direction. It is also because, the Ketu is crocodile’s body without a head and without a head, and a person remains directionless. After wearing a Cat’s eye stone, the Ketu will get the direction. However, there is another term Cycle of Saturn associated with planet Saturn. Saturn acts as an equalizer, touching lives of everyone. This cycle effect in overwhelmed feeling that can’t be controlled by yourself.

How Saturn affect everyone?

Saturn influences the sade-sati in someone’s life means a period of seven months and half-year. This planet is considered as the cold planet that always results in a tough task. It causes gloom, frustration, and delay in success. Sade-sati is the condition at the time of birth. Under the influence of the Saturn, people suffer from Sade-sati, when Saturn planet transits from one Rashi to another in seven months or in ½ years. It is the time or condition when Saturn is the transition over the zodiac sign preceding the Janam Rashi or moons sign and resides there 2 and ½ years then again resides in janm Rashi itself for 2 and ½ years and the sign next to the janm Rashi(2 and ½ years). The transit in each rashi is called as Dahiya. Moreover, it is not compulsory that sade-sdati only brings bad effect, it also brings good effect as per the beneficial planetary motion.

House indication of Sade-Sati

•    Saturn transition from the moon to 12th house indicates the loss in honor, prestige, aimless travel, arguments, poverty, and lack of comfort in life.

•    If the Saturn is in 1st house with the moon, it indicates sorrow, character assassination, and mental affliction.

•    If Saturn resides in the 2nd house from the moon, the person’s mind can become unsound, innumerable worries may accumulate and failure in achieving the good result. There may be financial stress too.
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Remedies for Sade-sati

•    Chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily can help native. It is because Lord Hanuman has blessings that one who recites Chalisa will never be suffered from Sade-sati. Means he/she will be untouched by the bad effect of Sade-sati.

•    Wearing a ring on the middle finger of a right hand made of iron from black horse shoe.

•    Offer copper every Saturday with sesame oil to Sani dev.

•    Chanting Mahamrityunjay Mantra once a day can also be beneficial

•    Offer prayer to Lord Shiva

•    Donate blanket, black clothes, black gram, buffalo, black cow, and iron to the needy and poor.

However, before reaching any conclusion after analysis of the symptoms, it is beneficial to consult an astrologer and get information about malefic and benefic Saturn transitions in the horoscope chart.

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