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When is the right time for Pregnant, according to Astrology

It is always an irony of life, some couple does not want to have a child and get pregnant whereas couples who are longing to have a child sometimes go through series of struggle to have a baby.

Every couple has a dream to have a family and they all do everything possible to bring the child. Conventionally the best time to get pregnant is between the ages of 20-35years. Biologically during this age, the fertility is at its best as
compared to the age after 35 until 40.

We are living in the time of technology and advance medical science. Most of the couples delay having a child thinking about the advance medical science, but we often forget that growing old is inevitable and so do the eggs.

Once a couple takes, the decision to conceive everything comes down to timing. The ovulation can be calculated well in advance with an ovulation calendar, if necessary. Presuming both sets of reproductive organs are healthy, on the day you ovulate would increase the likelihood of conception.

It is important to note that sperm can live for three to five days, but the egg is receptive for only 12 to 24 hours. We Indian want everything at the right time, be it getting married, having a child, getting into school acquiring the right job, promotion and many
more. We can see that when everything has a time, then getting pregnant is also all about timings.

A couple decided to have a baby after a couple of years of their marriage. Now both the couple had crossed their prime age. Trying hard was the only option. They were given the direction to consult an astrologer. Though the thought was not very much convincing, however, no harm to consult.

If we understand the subject deeply Astrology is a therapy of Time! It will tell you exactly what is the real time for you to conceive and how one must utilise the time to get the best. They consulted Vedic astrologers.

Based on Astrology they were able to find the right time, i.e right lagna ofconception, which is known as Adana Lagna. It rules the complete 9 months of pregnancy and gives a forecast of the childbirth.

Using the Pregnancy calculator based on their horoscope the couple were able to have a child despite of crossing the age limit. This calculator tells you about the whole process, the birth of the child, when must conceive, remedies to have
a normal delivery, whether the child born will be normal or any complications can arise and the post pregnancy issues.

Another aspect of Pregnancy Prediction is the Vedic astrologer predicts the prime point of your most fertile moments. Well! Are you surprised, do not be. The fertility predictor is widely used these days by all experienced Vedic
astrologers who can help you understand how the movements of the stars and planets depict your best time biologically and when and how one must use this prediction to have a family.

The Astrology of Pregnancy is a profound and interesting subject. It involves study of Hindus Vedas and scriptures with regard to childbirth. According to your birth chart, one can predict the time, date and month.

For example, Planet Jupiter is the karka planet for childbirth as it’s a beneficial planet with some special advantages of childbirth in a horoscope. The key point here is to study the planet, how well it is placed and without any disturbance or influence of other negative stars or planets.

Another important hidden cause of many couples is the degree of impotency. Many people are unaware of the fact that birth chart can depict the sexual competency and its role in the matter of pregnancy.

Example; 8th house of the horoscope is for sexual parts of male and femal both. Effects of Saturn, mercury, Rahu and Ketu on eighth house or its lord may increase the working capacity of sexual parts and can be the cause of impotency. This is also a reason of not getting pregnant easily.

Astrology will give you the right remedies to fight back these obstacles and cure them too. Every individual will have customised remedy or solutions to their problem.

A person who believes in the power of the universe must also understand that the planets do have the power to generate lives. We need to study their positions, movements and their nature well before we conceive. Reason is the time associated with the childbirth. Every parent wants to have a child with good fortune, good karma, well-placed stars for his or her success and prosperity.

In case you have not gotten pregnant, even after all medical treatment for years then one must consult with an experienced Astrologer. Consult a Vedic astrologer who can study you and your partner’s horoscope deeply and guide you to get the best for your family.

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