Pregnancy astrology

When I will get pregnant, how it can be told through astrology?

Becoming a mother is most beautiful feeling in this world, in fact it completes a womanhood. Carrying a child in a arm and preparing milk for them is everybody’s dream but sometimes this dream take time to accomplish and never accomplish. How you ever thought why any couple is not able to get pregnant even after trying many treatments? Alternatively, they get pregnant only after taking lots of treatment and medication? These two things leads to only one place and that place is astrology.

Here in astrology, it is clearly defined that a couple can get pregnant only when they have Jupiter’s blessing in their horoscope. This blessing is for couple but it also works in case of single parents because parenthood is also a responsibility and not everyone gets this responsibility.

Pregnancy according to astrology

A couple only gets pregnant when there is Sun, Mars and Jupiter in beneficial house of male birth chart and Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in beneficial house of female birth chart. A woman can only conceive when the mars feature the fifth house but for this, one must look for the transition of Saturn. The planet Saturn must feature the lord of those houses that features the childbirth. Moreover, the moon should be near or transition over the 1st house or the lord of the 1st house, 5th, or 9th houses. If the above conditions are not in favor, the woman can never conceive no matter how much treatment you take.

At this point Science can only give the symptoms of ill why any couple is not conceiving and they try to cure it but the cure is only possible when the planets are in favor. Hence must seek an astrological consult for childbirth and pregnancy.

Other houses that play important role in pregnancy

Furthermore, for final childbirth, both 5th and 9th house are analyzed but for beginning only 5th house is responsible. Other parameters are transition of mars over the 5th, and Beej and Kshetra. In male birth chart, the sun analyzes the strength of the sperm and the Venus determines the count of the sperm. Means Sun and Venus should be present in the male chart whereas in moon and Mars shoulb be present in beneficial house of the female chart for conceiving.

How to find the fertile year of a couple

As per the astrology, the planet’s position plays an important role in the conception. Most noticeable is alignment of the Jupiter and Venus. The angle of these two planets in relation to the women’s birth chart can give clue of the most fertile and healthy year to conceive and plane a baby. Moreover, these positions of the planets can wider the windows for success conception. Astrological factors and the medical treatment can give the progressive result that impacts the childbirth or fertility. Here medical treatment shows progress when an astrologer has already advances the time after looking at the birth chart. An astrologer can predict the possible outcome and can suggest you to wear any stone for successful pregnancy.

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