What kind of Partner Would be More Suitable for Me According to My Kundali- Businessman, Private Job Guy, Government Personnel

We are always curious to know everything about our future life partner. In the modern world, it is important to find a partner who has a stable career. Astrology can predict what will be the profession of your future spouse. It can also guide you whether you should marry a businessman or a serviceman of private or government sector.

The seventh and ninth houses

We need to check your seventh house and effects of planets on the ninth house to predict the career of your future husband because seventh house represents your life partner. However, effects of planet Jupiter, Venus and the seventh lord have to be checked in the Rashi chart and Navamsa chart to fully understand the profession.

Fourth and tenth houses are just as important

Apart from these, fourth house and tenth house from the Upapada Lagna also needs to be checked. To check whether you should marry a settled businessman or not, we have to see the position of Mercury in your horoscope. Having good influences of Mercury in first, fourth, seventh and tenth house indicates that your spouse will flourish in business.

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Mercury rising

However, if you have weak Mercury in Navmansh, your life partner will not be successful in business. Some girls only want to marry husbands with settled government jobs. To check that, we need to see whether the lord of the ninth house and lord of the tenth house are in conjunction in Navmansh. This can also be true if these two lords somehow aspect together or are related to each other. These conditions strongly indicate that your spouse will be in the government sector.

Turn to Venus

Similarly, if Venus is in the first, second, ninth, and eleventh house of the horoscope, it indicates that you’re your wife will be a working lady.

Planets are the main players

Planets also play a key role in this regard. If Jupiter affects the fourth house by being its lord or by occupying the house, your spouse could be involved in teaching or banking. Meanwhile, if there is a strong influence of Mars, your partner will more like to be involved in police, engineering or military.

Similarly, strong Venus in fourth house or in 10th house from Upapada (UL) can indicate that your partner will be associated with creative designing, fashion, art or corporate industry. Solar energy of Sun in fourth house predicts your spouse to be a government official. There are chances that he will be associated with medicine or acting. However, the influence of Saturn can cause your partner to be a good engineer or judge. Thus specific planets can influence the profession of your future life partner.

Decide wisely

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of our lives. To predict your overall married life, including your spouse’s profession, you need a strong seventh house and seventh house lord. They should not have any damaging planets associated with them or things could get complicated.

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