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What is the Effects of Various Planets in 7th House on Marriage

The ‘7TH House’ in a Janam Kundli relates to the married life of a person. It not just influences the time of marriage of a person but also impacts the spouse behavior, nature, and overall marital course. The existence of any planet in this house influences the marriage Kundli and can result in positive and negative impacts. For this reason, the expert Kundli maker and astrologers believe that it is best when the 7th house is empty.

Besides astrology Kundli, even the Zodiac signs consider the 7Th house a showcase of relationship harmony. Libra is the zodiac sign for the 7th house, which is ruled by his lord Venus. Venus is the ruling planet of romance, relationship, love, and pleasures. If you are planning a Kundli Milan by name, then it is essential to consider the effects of various planets in the Kundli.

Effects of Various Planets in 7Th House on Marriage

How is Your Horoscope for Marriage Prediction, Ask ?

So, let’s glance at the effects of various planets in 7th House on Marriage, which are Kundli prediction by expert astrologers.


It is the natural ruler of the 7Th house and symbolizes a romantic, loving, and well-cultured partner. It indicates a charming spouse filled with great positivity that will keep your married life pleasing, even under tough conditions.

If your Zodiac sign is Libra and you have Venus in your marriage kundli then you will have a well-balanced, intelligent, and loving partner with intellectual thinking. But as per the ‘classic dictum’ if your Janam Kundli confirms the presence of Venus with Taurus, then all positives will become negatives and you will have a partner who is always thriving for splendor and glamor, and will never give you time.


Sun symbolizes rules and regulations, discipline, power, and law, which will not help you enjoy your marriage life. For this reason, Kundli maker does not rejoice the presence of sun in 7th house of the marriage Kundli. The existence of sun confirms that your partner will be strict, dominating, ruling, and will always abide by laws set by him or her.

If you are going to Kundli Milan by name, then make sure your partner’s Janam Kundli does not have the sun in the 7Th house. It is because they are supportive, disciplined, but lack romance, which is of utmost relevance in a happy married life.


As per astrology Kundli experts, the presence of moon in the 7th house of your Kundli horoscope confirms that you can have a loving and caring partner only if the moon has ‘good paksha bala.’ Otherwise, you will end up having an over-protecting, and over-possessive partner that would care for you like a mother or father.

Moon in the 7Th house of the marriage Kundli relates to people who are artists, good at doing creative things but lack romance and passion. If moon ruling your marital status in the Janam Kundli lacks shubh bala, then you will have an emotionally unstable partner who might even be prone to bad drinking habits.


Having Jupiter in the 7th house of your astrology Kundli is one of the best things. Jupiter symbolizes, loyal, intelligent, and dedicated partner.

The Kundli maker believes that people with Jupiter in their Janam Kundli might not have a very romantic partner, but their spouse is responsible, lovable, caring, and serious about his career goals.


The presence of Mercury in marital Kundli horoscope confirms a childish, optimistic, and lovable partner. You will have a mischievous partner who is attractive, intelligent, but will always be concerned about tensions.

Mercury in the marriage Kundli directs towards a partner who loves to live the life and is inclined more towards finance.


Mars symbolizes passion, desires, adventure, and sharp mind. As per the Kundli prediction by experts, the presence of Mars in the 7th house of marriage Kundli relates to an intelligent, smart, and passionate partner.

Mars combined with Aries is best, but if Mars relates to Scorpio, then it can be negative. Despite having a handsome, alluring spouse, you may end up a forceful and unsatisfactory married life.


Saturn in the 7th house of the Kundli horoscope indicates having a well-balanced, disciplined, stable, and matured spouse. Mostly, such individuals have a serious and matured look but are ideal to have a balanced and lasting marriage life.

You can plan Kundli Milan by name with people having Saturn in the 7Th house. They have good understanding and respect for their partner. People with Saturn have a strong physique and good career life.


As per astrology Kundli experts, the existence of Rahu in the marriage Kundli symbolizes strange married life. You may end up marrying a divorcee, a person of higher age, an individual with strange preferences, and more.

Rahu in the Janam Kundli will give you an unbalanced married life and an odd partner that will not complement your personality and preferences. Also, you may even end up having a partner who is not serious and systematic towards life.


The expert Kundli maker believes Ketu offering an unhealthy married life and a partner who might cheat you. Ketu can combine with other planets in the marriage Kundli. Ketu with Jupiter gives a spiritual partner, with Mercury gives a talented partner, and with Venus gives a creative partner.

If the Kundli horoscope confirms Ketu with Mars, then you will have an aggressive partner. Ketu with the sun offers a partner with physical defect while that with moon gives a psychic or absent-minded partner.


Uranus in the 7th house of the marriage Kundli horoscope directs towards a weird partner. You will have a partner who behaves odd at times and does not believe in cultural and traditional values.

The expert Kundli prediction confirms having a partner who is totally opposite to those who have Venus or Mars in the 7Th house of their Kundli.


If you have Neptune in the 7th House of your marriage Kundli, then you will have an emotional partner with strong intuition. Such individuals get hurt easily but can be romantic.

You can go for an online Kundli generator and based on the effects of each planet on the marriage Kundli you may go for Kundli Milan by name. We will suggest you contact our expert astrologers in order to avail detailed information about this subject. It is because marriage is a sensitive and lifelong matter that needs to be instigated and handle with caution and care.

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