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What is Kalsarp Dosh in Kundali? Its Effects and Remedies!

If you are suffering from endless troubles in your life, then might be you are suffering from the atrocious Kalsarp Dosh. The existence of this dosh not only results in intricacies in janam kundali matching for marriage but also hampers the overall kundli horoscope. But with the support of our expert kundli maker and astrologers, and following few simple remedies it is possible to combat the fatalness of this dosh. So, before you jot down the remedies to have a marriage kundli free from this dosh, first read everything about it to know that whether you actually have this dosh or not.

Kalsarp Dosh – The Meaning

A janam kundli is believed to have kalsarp dosh when the seven planets settle between the two lethal planets, Rahu and Ketu. A complete Kalsarp dosh exists when half of the kundli horoscope is conquered by the planets. If there is even one single planet that settles outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu, then a kundli is considered free from this dosh.

The kundli maker considers it as one of the most malefic dosh as it brings endless complications and troubles to a person’s life. The average time frame of Kalsarp dosh in a janam kundli is around 47 years, which may vary depending on the kundli prediction.

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Kalsarp Dosh – The Effects

A person having Kalsarp yog in his kundli horoscope suffers lots of agonies and troubles during his course of life. Despite his hard work, dedication, and devotion, he is not able to achieve what he desires. Some of the major effects of this dosh are:

  • Problems in kundali milan for marriage
  • Delay in marriage or janam kundali matching for marriage with an odd person or an individual with strange traits
  • Delay in child-birth or troubles in conceiving the child
  • Unsatisfied career life despite hard work and dedication
  • Lots of ups and downs in the financial situation
  • Prolonged ailments in the family or sudden accidents
  • High occurrence of disputes in the family
  • Sudden death in the family
  • Unhappy and unbalanced life

Kalsarp Dosh – The Types

Depending on the placement of the planets in janam kundli between Rahu and Ketu, the Kalsarp Dosh is categorized under 12 different types.

  1. Anant Yog

It occurs when the Ketu is in 7Th house and Rahu in Lagna. The person with this dosh experiences lots of troubles in his professional and married life. He is targeted by numerous conspiracies and lacks mental peace.

  1. Kulika Yog

    If your janam kundli houses Rahu in 2nd house and Ketu in 8th House, then you will suffer from this problem. It causes numerous problems related to health, finances, education, and marriage.

  2. Shankpal Yog
  3. The presence of Rahu in 4th house and Ketu in 10th house in the kundli astrology confirms this kalsarp dosh. A person might experience success in his career but will always lack healthy family relationships. He can get associated with bad company and experience problems in domestic life.

  4. Vasuki Yog
  5. When Ketu is in 9th house, and Rahu is in 3rd house of the janam kundli, then a person lacks self-confidence. A person experiences sudden losses and gains in his life and is prone to have bad relationships with his family members, and even children.

  6. Takshak Yog
  7. If the online kundli generator confirms the presence of all the planets on the axis with Rahu in 7th House and Ketu in the 1st House, then this yog occurs. It results in conflicts in marriage, wastage of money, and even divorce.

  8. Padm Yog
  9. According to the kundli prediction by experienced astrologers, this yog occurs when Rahu settles in 5th house and Ketu in 11th house of the janam kundli. It results in troubles in conceiving a child and even problems in finance, career, love, and education. If it combines with good planets, then the negatives might turn into positives.

  10. Mahapadam Yog

    If the kundli maker confirms the existence of Rahu in 6th House and Ketu in 12th House, then there be a huge gain of power and professional success. But a person suffers from regular health, legal problems, and is a major target for enemies.

  11. Karkotak Yog
  12. When Ketu exists in 2nd house and Rahu in 8th house of the janam kundli, then it results in late or conflicted marriage. Also, a person faces numerous family, health, and social problems.

  13. Ghatak Yog
  14. When Rahu rests in 10th and Ketu in 4th house, then there is a huge success in the career but lots of problems from the government and legal authorities.

  15. Sheshnag Yog
  16. When Ketu is in 6th House and Rahu in 12th house of the kundli horoscope, then a person experiences lots of problems at the financial front.

  17. Vishadhar Yog
  18. With Ketu in 5th House and Rahu in 11th house of the astrology kundli, this yog results in worries in earning money and unbalanced life.

  19. Shankhachuda Yog
  20. When all planets rest with Ketu in 3rd and Rahu in 9th house, then this dosh occurs. Also called as Pitra dosh, it results in problems with father, relatives, and children.

    Kalsarp Dosh – The Remedies

    As per the expert kundli maker and Vedic astrologers, it is possible to overcome and reduce the negative effects of Kalsarp dosh by religiously following these simple remedies.

  21. Chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’, which is the Panchakshari Mantra on a daily basis or performing Maha Mrityunjay Jaap for 108 times in a day can effectively reduce the ill effects of Kal sarp dosh from the kundli horoscope.
  22. Watering the Peepal plant every Saturday is another effective remedy to this problem.
  23. Chanting the Rahu Beej Mantra for 108 times a day with an Agate in hand can reduce Kalsarp dosh effects in the janam kundli.
  24. Performing Rudra Abhishek on Mondya is very effective.
  25. You can also chant the Kal Sarp Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day to reduce the ill-effect.
  26. Keeping a fast on Nag Panchami and worshipping Nag Devta can help to a great extent.
  27. You can even offer 11 coconuts every Saturday on the river to avail adequate results.
  28. If there are Kalsarp dosh and nadi dosh in Kundali astrology, then you have to perform additional remedies to combat the ill effects of both these problems.

We offer free kundali milan and online matchmaking services. If there is Kalsarp dosh or nadi dosh in kundali astrology, then our experts can provide you with appropriate remedies. So, contact our experts to avail the best janam kundali matching for marriage service or for kundali Milan by name.

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