What Happens When I Get Married Even When Our Kundali Does Not Match?

What Happens When I Get Married Even When Our Kundali Does Not Match?

Kundali Matching

In Hindu society, a perfect match is one with a matching horoscope or Kundali. Families take forward the marriage celebration only when the gunas in Kundaliare matching. Even progressive and well-educated families follow this approach to ensure their kids enjoy wonderful marital bliss.

According to Vedic astrology, kundali matchingis the first step in deciding the compatibility of a couple. It is a vital step in the marriage process and therefore people take it seriously. 

If you have done a love marriage or you’ve just found out that your kundali does not match your partner, you may be worried. But you need not worry!

Even if your Kundali is not a perfect match, you can still expect great marital bliss. 


Let’s check the details below!

What is Kundali Matching?

Also called Gun Milan or Kundali Milan, it is an 8-step process that involves the matching of the Gunas of the groom and bride. Each guna is allocated to some points and facts. The estimated total decides the compatibility of a couple and whether the marriage must take place or not.

For Kundali matching for marriage, a score of at least 18 gunas must be achieved. The highest guna score is 36. A couple achieving 32 gunas is considered the most compatible and they share similar personalities and desires. However, if the guna score is less than 18, it is considered a mismatch and inauspicious. In such cases, marriage must be avoided.

What Happens When You Marry When Kundali Does Not Match?

When your Kundali is not matching, you must not feel disheartened about it. A lot of happily married couples are there who have a Kundali score of less than 18 and are enjoying a prosperous life. It is because of the different astrology remedies for Kundali do not match.

Before getting into these remedies, first understand that when your Kundali is not matching, it may lead to some doshas in your married life. The presence of Doshas in your Kundali can lead to various problems in your married life:

  • Problems in having children

  • Never-ending arguments and fights in marriage

  • Losses in business or non-flourishing career

  • Negative or ill-effect on one person’s or both people’s health

  • Having bad physical relationships

To combat such issues, astrology suggests remedies for Kundalis doshas. 

Astrology Remedies for Kundali that Does Not Match

Yoni Dosha

This Dosha occurs when the Yoni of the bride and groom are enemies of each other. To nullify its effect the following practices are considered:

  • The moon sign or Rashi of the groom and bride must be the same or have the same Lords.

  • The Navamsha Lord of the groom and bride must be friends.

  • The Bhakoot Dosha must not be present in the Kundalis of groom and bride.

Vasya Dosha or Varna Dosha

The marriage can be prosperous when the groom belongs to a superior Vasya or Varna. If the girl is superior, it results in an incompatible marriage leading to everyday issues. 

But not all kinds of Varna Dosha cause damage to married life. it is, therefore, vital to understand the dosh that hinders the marriage. If the Varna Dosha is found to damage your marriage, you must keep special Yantras in your home, arrange Pujas, recite mantras, and donate to the needy and poor.

Bhakoot Dosha

The effects of Bhakoot Dosha are not visible instantly. This is a dangerous Dosha, which works as a slow killer and the effects are visible over time. 

There is no remedy to fully cure this Dosha, but you can recite mantras and wear gemstones to reduce the negative impact of Bhakoot Dosha on your married life. 

Mangal Dosha

This Dosha happens when the Mars of the groom or bride is positioned at an unfavorable place. This is a serious dosh and a couple must marry only when it is eliminated.

  • Two Manglik people marrying each other nullify the ill effects of this dosha.

  • Planning a Kumbh Vivah is done where the bride is first married to the statue of Lord Vishnu or a peepal tree.

  • Fasting on Tuesday reduces the Mangal Dosha effects.

  • Manglik people must marry after 28 years to reduce the intensity of this Dosha.

  • The couple must recite Hanuman Chalisa or Navgraha mantra every Tuesday. 

Nadi Dosha

This Dosha hinders harmony in a married couple’s life. the remedies to combat this Dosha are:

  • Adorning jewelry made of healing gemstones.

  • Recitation of the Mahamritunjaya Jaap.

  • Performing Nadi Nirvana puja.

  • Few lifestyle changes to bring harmony and peace in life.

  • Donating clothes, grains, and cow to Brahmins.

A single Dosha cannot ruin your life completely. However, it causes a negative impact on your happiness and makes it difficult to survive in a married relationship. Performing pujas regularly, chanting hymns and following remedies to get rid of Doshas, and your karmas can make a lot of positive difference. Just stay in touch with an experienced and renowned astrologer to live a great married life even when your Kundali does not match. 

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