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What Does Jupiter in Your Planet Chart Suggests about Your Husband?

Marriage is beyond doubt an enduring relation in life. It is nothing but a change in the course of your life. Marriage astrology, here suggests that how different placements of Jupiter influence the traits of your Husband? Since Jupiter represents one’s guidance, beliefs systems and a female native’s husband it is critical in determining aspects of marriage prediction.

What exactly does Jupiter tells about your Husband in the marriage horoscope?

Jupiter can happen to be placed anywhere in the planet chart according to marriage astrology. A female native may determine a lot about your husband’s personality traits and nature. Besides Jupiter being an important factor for a person’s teachings and learning, it also represents a female’s guidance a child giver. In marriage prediction Jupiter is also responsible for many other things in the native’s life. You also need to see the degrees of Jupiter with other houses and planets.

What position of Jupiter suggests the health of your husband according to Marriage astrology?

Jupiter in the 1st house depicts that the native is a healthy person with a good meditation power. He may also have a sound support from his mother. He would have a good luck factor till the age of 51. His body would be free of disabilities and diseases. To know this from a female native’s you need to look at the 1st house from the 7th house. Since 1st house from the 7th house is 7th house itself. Jupiter in this house of the female native represents about the spouse what Jupiter represents about the native in 1st house.

What position of Jupiter suggests the wealth and knowledge of your husband?

Jupiter in the 1st house suggests that the native is having good bank balance. The study or knowledge doesn’t matter in this case. The native would either have the pleasure of ancestral property or he/she would have earned with least of effort. According to marriage astrology this reading can also tell about the spouse from the native’s marriage horoscope. Since 7th house is the 1st house from the 7th house of native planet chart it represents again the wealth of your would be spouse, though this is one of the methods to determine wealth of the spouse.

What position of Jupiter suggests the basic nature of the native or would-be spouse in marriage horoscope?

Jupiter’s placement in the 1st house is considered very auspicious for the native in marriage astrology. Jupiter in 1st house depicts that the native is affable by nature. He/she is outgoing and love making connections because he/she is experiencing success not only in professional life but in personal life also. The native also is said to be generous and trustworthy if he/she has Jupiter at a benefic planet position in 1st house.

What position of Jupiter suggests the ways of livelihood of a native?

Jupiter in the 4th house of the planet chart depicts the types of livelihood the native might indulge in. Since having a sociable and affable nature the native would be working in a reputed job and would be making a good amount of money. It is possible that the native isn’t satisfied with the source of the income. As marriage astrology claims, Jupiter in 4th house also ensures that the native would never be deprived from the three basic amenities i.e. Roti, Kapda aur Makkaan.

What conjunctions of Jupiter are harmful for over all prosperity of the native?

Jupiter in 10th house gives comparatively bad results to the native and father’s health. It also reflects negativity if Venus or Mercury resides in the 10th house. A malefic Jupiter also affects Ketu (son) very badly so the native should take various measures to augment the negativity of the malefic Jupiter. A malefic Jupiter also makes the person greedy and secretive of his/her balances even for donations.


The positions of Jupiter discussed above are also under the influence of other planets sitting in other houses in a planet chart. Marriage astrology also suggests that no conclusion be made with considering the aspect of other planets. Though little but these planets aspecting Jupiter from other houses have a considerable significance in the conclusions.

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