What  astrology can tell about business

What astrology can tell about business. Share some of the remedies for improving business with their scientific meanings.

A person needs some source of income to live in society. This income can be earned mainly through job or business. People prefer business as it gives freedom of work timing and finance. Many people are desirous of having their own business so they turn to career prediction by date of birth to know the chances of owning their own business.

Let’s have a look at planetary conditions and combinations to determine the source of income by career horoscope by date of birth.

  • The houses which are analysed to determine the chances of owning and running are the 2nd,7th and 9th House. If the planetary conditions of these Houses are benefic and support the ascendant in the 10th House, then the individual is likely to have his own business. Stronger the house, more profitable the business.
  • Mercury is the planet that rules business. If Mercury is placed in 2nd,7th,11th or 10th House, and is strong or is connected with lord of 9th, 10th or 2nd house in the career horoscope then there is an  inclination to the individual owning his own business.
  • If the planets are not compatible or if 2nd House is afflicted with malefics, then the individual would have a small business or no business at all.
  • If the Lord of the 2nd House is in the ascendant and Mercury is well placed, then the individual starts business at a very young age.


  • If the 2nd House in the career horoscope by date of birth is directly afflicted then there is difficulty doing business on partnership basis..
  • If 7th House is afflicted by malefics and lord of the 2nd and 7th House are equal, partnership business is not possible. If 7th House has benefic planets like Mercury, Moon or Jupiter or if 2nd House afflicted with malefics or lords of 2nd and 7th House are not equal, then individual does business with life partner or close friend of opposite sex.
  • If 2nd House and 7th House are related or equal and Mercury is placed in 7th or 2nd House, then the individual does business with anyone in partnership.


  • If 2nd, 9th and 11th House have a good position and Mercury is benefic in the ascendant or 2nd or 11th House, the individual is successful in business. 2nd and 11th House are about finances, thus to have a successful business, both the Houses should be in good combination with planets for getting luck.
  • Similarly, if 2nd House is good and 11th House is not well placed then the individual has a small scale business or if it’s a business doing well, it may run into losses or be profit less after a certain period of time.


  • If 11th House is afflicted with malefic planets or weak or connected with only enemic planets which affect the luck, the individual should not do any kind of business.
  • If the 11th House is strong and the luck is not favourable with the afflicted 2nd House, then the individual had difficulty succeeding in business.
  • To have success in business, both 2nd and 11th House need to be strong and luck in the favour of the individual


  • Mercury represents business in the career horoscope of the individual.
  • When Mercury is benefic in the 2nd House and ascendant is well placed then the individual is business minded. If Mercury is in combination with the Moon in aspect with the 2nd House or Lord of the 2nd House and there is a formation with luck, then individual does good business. Good profits are earned in investment or trading of shares.
  • When Mercury in the 2nd House transits in the 4th House and is benefic and Lord of the 4th House is in ascendant then the individual does business connected with real estate and automobiles.
  • When Mercury is in the ascendant and Moon in the 7th House, then the individual is business minded with good business sources. He gets wealth and fame in the society through business activities.
  • If Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mars are in the 7th House with no other planets, the individual becomes a good businessman.


  • If the Lord of the 7th House is weak, or Mercury is weak, then use astrological remedies like wearing gemstones after consulting and astrologer who has studied the career horoscope by date of birth.
  • On the day of Holi, wrap some gulal in a red cloth and keep the bundle in the locker at business place or at home, it gives continued profits and you never run short of funds.
  • On Fridays, distribute jaggery and grams to devotees in Laxminarayan temple and offer agarbattis at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi to get continued progress and success at the workplace.
  • At time leaving for work, pray to your deity. Live with your family in harmony.

We should remember that business opportunities depend on placement of planets in the various houses in the career horoscope that represents income and finance. So, success of failure in business is dependent on them.

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