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What are the most important planets that astrologers see for marriage, while kundali matching.

Kundali matching by date of birth

The matching of kundalis is an important first step prior to deciding a marriage alliance. This is part of Indian culture and takes into account the divine science of astrology in ensuring a compatible marriage between two people.

Our ancient rishis were highly advanced and could study the movement of the planets, nakshatras and constellations etc to deduce several theories, calculations and conclusions. Along with their deep intelligence, they were also in sync with vibrations of the Supreme creator, and hence this knowledge is the truth, and has been tested in the laboratory of life, and proved to be true when performed accurately, as per the vedic texts.

Even in the modern context, the divine science of astrology is gaining back its glorious prestige as the west has slowly now begun to understand the depth and intelligence behind our systems.

Be it marriage, health, career or any aspect of life, Online astrology can give one the tools to understand a picture of one’s life in the present moment - what is the current reality, what are my current weaknesses and strengths, what is possible and not possible right now, and how and when can my desires get fulfilled.

The number of questions, fears and anxieties in one’s mind reaches a frenzy at the period before marriage. Are the decisions being taken right or wrong, will this lead to a good outcome or not? These type of questions sometimes cannot give any definite assurance from anywhere, and saying yes to a marriage alliance can seem just like a leap of faith.

Should one enter into a marriage blindfolded? No!

Vedic astrology shines the light on a marriage alliance through a scientific approach and calculations. It can answer a lot of questions about the alliance. Kundali matching can help you understand:

  • How compatible one is with the partner – using a scoring system
  • The quality and nature of the partnership
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Chances of children, wealth and fortunes through this alliance
  • Are there any miseries or misfortunes due to this alliance

All these questions can be answered effortlessly under the expert hands of an astrologer, who can study both the horoscopes.

It is only after analyzing the pros and cons of the alliance that one can take an informed decision with clarity and confidence into the future. This is the power of vedic astrology.

Which planets are studied in kundali matching?

Study of sun, moon, mars etc are important in terms of planetary influence.

  • The horoscopes of both prospective partners are analyzed
  • The guna milan is seen using Ashtkoot guna milan system.  A score of 18 guna matching out of 36 is considered good for marriage
  • Important aspects like 7th house, its lord and navamsha have to be additionally studied while doing a horoscope match.
  • The position of mars with respect to Mangal dosha should be studied.
  • The mutual positions of moon need to be studied. If the position of their moon is in Kendra, trine or 11th from each other, then both bride and groom will agree on same points. If the moon is in 3rd,6th,8th or 12th than clashes are bound to happen. It also leads to lack of emotional bonding.
  • In the case of Sun’s placement of both groom and bride, if their relative position is favourable then it will lead to strong friendship between bride and groom.

What is the remedy if kundali’s don’t match, after study of planets?

When the kundali does not match, consultation with an experienced astrologer is certainly recommended to get the upayas (solutions) of the doshas (problems.

  • Mangal dosha is a common dosha, and there are several remedies for the same in astrology.
  • Kaal Sarp doshas (when all seven planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu), etc., need to be carefully studied to ensure happy alliance and successful marriage with children.

True horoscope matching is a detailed and intensive process where several factors are correlated. One should take the full horoscope of both individuals and drill into all aspects such as health, longevity, mental and physical strengths, weaknesses, complementary strengths (how one individuals’ strength compensates for the others’ weakness), finances, personality traits etc. This gives a complete picture if an alliance is recommended or not as per astrology.