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What are the Dashaas in Astrology and How They Effect our Life

We have heard of various Dashas in Vedic astrology. What is a Dasha? A Dasha is a planetary period which indicates the good or bad effects according to the position of the planet by Rasi, House, Yogas and Drishti. There are many types of Dashas of which the most important is the Vimshottaridasha.

Results of effects of planetary transit play an important role in astrological prediction for marriage career health but 70% of the prediction of an individual’s chart is dependent on the Dasha period. The impact of planetary movements creates a great impact on the life of human beings.

According to the Vimshottari Dasha mentioned by Sage Parasara, the life of a human being in Kali Yuga is considered to be 120 years. The Dashas of different plants are for a duration of different number of years but the sum of the Dashas is 120.

The Dasha of a particular planet is known as Mahadasha and it is further divided into Antardasha or Bhukti. The Antardashas are further divided into Pratyantardasha.

A Dasha would check the different effects of the different planets and their positions which would affect the day to day life of an individual. The various Mahadasha periods are :

  • KetuMahadasha :This Mahadashaperiod lasts for 7 years. The planet Ketu represents high spiritual knowledge, salvation, separation from normal life, mental instability. If Ketu is favourable in the individual’s chart, then the individual is bent towards philosophy and spiritual practices. Income comes in from medicinal practice. The individual enjoys all the comforts and luxuries of life, has good luck and freedom from disease. A malefic Ketu would make the individual mentally unstable with mental health issues like fits, depression and weak decision making ability. The individual could suffer from severe body pain, accidental wounds and fever.


  • Venus Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 20 years. The planet Venus is representative of wealth, luxurious life, art, love-relationship life, hotel industry and more. If Venus is beneficial, the individual has a luxurious life, unexpected gains, love marriage, love and affection for spouse increases, begets daughters, rise due to the patronage or favour of some lady and well-wishers but if Venus is malefic then the individual suffers from ill-health, contracts urinary or venereal diseases, low sexual prowess, monetary loss, lack of favours and support, disharmony at home and outside, separation from life partner and earns a bad name.


  • Sun Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 6 years.  If the Sun is benefice in the individual’s chart then the individual will highly respected in society, will be found in senior posts, could be a Judge or get promotion in job and career , could get gains from trading or from the father or even the father may benefit from him.  If the Sun is weak and afflicted the individual may have to go to prison, may suffer from health troubles, demotion in rank and status, displeasure of the government, trading losses and suffer at the hands of father or his father may suffer ill-health or die.


  • Moon Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 10 years.If the Moon is beneficial one may get unexpected gains, has a good relation with the mother, obtains a good job or rise in status, gains money and favours and pays homage to gods. If the Moon is weak and afflicted one suffers from emotional turmoil and disappointment in many aspects of life and mother may fall ill or die.


  • Mars Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 7 years. If Mars is benefic, one may gain from or through brothersenter into or promotion in military, para-military or police service, gains through landed property and other valuables, will have a good life and everything will go as per plan.  If Mars is malefic one may suffer from deterioration of blood, become quarrelsome, exchanges hot words, suffer in property matters and fluctuations in married life.


  • RahuMahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 18 years. If Rahu is positive, one may gainthrough unscrupulous means, positive changes in career, change in place of residence. But if Rahu is malefic one suffers huge financial losses, hallucinations and illusions, health, asthama, eczema etc. It is a badMahadasha period for education or career which may be incomplete.


  • Jupiter Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 16 years.  If Jupiter is positive, then one is inclined to learning, in middle age it gives wealth and sons, a comfortable life, pilgrimage and auspicious celebrations. If Jupiter is malefic, then it gives unstable source of income or delay in conceiving children, sons or grandsons may suffer or difficulty in completing education.


  • Saturn Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 19 years. If Saturn is positive one rises in jobthrough his own strenuous efforts and hard work, derives benefits from things signified by Saturn and gains a legacy. But if Saturn is malefic one may suffer from malnutritiondiseases, poverty, litigation etc.; disagreements with elders, deaths in the family or of near ones, impediments and obstacles in path of progress and a miserable life.


  • Mercury Mahadasha :This Mahadasha period lasts for 17 years. If Mercury is benefic there are many positive changes in the financial and professional life of the individual. If Mercury is malefic,it signifies huge monetary loss in financial and monetary matters.

There are other Dashas like Ashtottaridasha, NarayanaDashaetc but Vimshottari Dasha is the main important dasha.

For more information on Dashas, consult our expert astrologers.

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