What are the benefits of Blue sapphire in Marriage, Career and Health

What are the benefits of Blue sapphire in Marriage, Career and Health

Typically, person would turn to Vedic astrology as per date of birth for various remedies to the various problems faced by them in the day to day life. Are you aware of the fact that apart from astrological remedies, theuseof gemstones is advised as an astrologicalremedy to solve the problems faced by individual?

Each planet would have a different gemstone associated with it. The malefic planets can be appeased by wearing gemstones which are related to that particular planet.  Let’s look at one of the most important gems,Blue Sapphire or what is known as Neelam as it is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn is one planet which can destroy a person’s life with its malefic effects.

Blue Sapphire is worn when Saturn is weak in the Birth Chart. For wearing a Blue Sapphire, it has to be of weight minimum 2 carats but ideal weight would be 5 carats. The ring has to be dipped into Gangajal, unboiled cow’s milk, fresh water for 10 minutess before wearing it. One should have a bath and recite the mantra ‘OM SHAN SHANESHCHARYA NAMAHA’ for 11 to 108 times and then worn on a pendant on a necklace or on a ring that is mounted in either silver or Gold. The ring has to be worn in the middle finger of the right hand on a Saturday.

But, it is advised to be worn for a trial period before ascertaining if the gemstone purchased by you would have any harmful effects on you.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of wearing the Blue Sapphire.

Impact on Career

  • This gemstone acts very fast giving rapid results. It blesses one with good luck, wealth, promotion etc. within a single day to a month of wearing it. It helps increase the wealth of a person. Also, it can give money from various sources.
  • This helps motivate students and gives them ideas. It helps in improvement of the performing capacity of the student in studies and other competitive exams.
  • Professionals like Scientists, Writers, Mechanical Engineers, Astrologers, Doctors, Archaeologists, Surgeons and Soldiers will be benefited by wearing the Blue Sapphire. Even people from various fields of Arts like actors, directors, dancers are also benefited by wearing this gem.
  • It brings success to businesses like import export, dealers of automobiles, iron and steel, minerals and petroleum.
  • Wearing of Blue Sapphire gives financial success. It helps in a better career and makes the individual wealthy.

Impact on Marriage

  • This gemstone is very useful for all sorts of connections. So, it brings about trust and confidence in the partner.
  • The Blue Sapphire has ability to create positive energy and hence this brings more understanding in the relationship.
  • It is used by couples who have problems in their relationship.
  • It helps in bonding with each other and helps express love, feelings and emotions.



Impact on Health

  • Wearing this gemstone gives a lot of benefits to health.
  • It helps with better digestion, removes tiredness, increasing the concentration power.
  • It soothes the nerves and makes the mind of person calm and makes the individual fearless.
  • Saturn related diseases like paralysis, gout, rheumatism, bronchitis, teeth related problems, bone problems, and problems related to hair are cured by wearing the Blue Sapphire.
  • Wearing of the Blue Sapphire along with other stones cures bone cancer, kidney and nerve diseases and also paralysis.
  • It helps to clear infections and nerve pain. It helps to give the individual a long life.
  • Use of Blue Sapphire helps ease nervous tension and cures nervous diseases caused by weak Saturn in the horoscope.
  • It also prevents diseases that are connected to the skin and the stomach. It helps in curing fits, fainting, baldness, deafness and any mental disorders.

General Impacts

  • Use of Blue Sapphire helps get back Lost property and money that was lost before the use of the stone.
  • Use of the Blue Sapphire helps protect against theft, problems while travelling, danger and problems created by natural calamities.
  • Blue Sapphire gives an individual name and fame, a long life, prosperity and happiness.
  • Use of Blue Sapphire is advocated to ward off evil effects of spirits. It also protects the individual from negative powers.
  • If wanting to live in foreign soil, then use of Blue Sapphire is advocated.         
  • A person who wears the Blue Sapphire gets wealth from Land and properties.
  • Wearing of Blue Sapphire helps increase the intelligence and charisma of an individual.

Still looking for more information on the benefits of Blue Sapphire in Marriage, Career and Health, do consult our expert astrologer at our website.

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