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What are factors effect on job increases according to vedic astrology

An individual chooses job or business as career. He is never satisfied and always is looking out for betterment in his job in the form of a promotion. There are times when he is not getting a promotion in spite of worked in the same post for a number of years. This leads to frustration. Then out of sheer desperation the individual would turn to an astrologer and get his career horoscope read by an expert astrologer with help of career astrology.

For getting a promotion in the job, following should be in a strongly positive state in the horoscope of a person:

  • 6th House – This is considered to be the house of subordination or job, so it has to be in strong and favourable state in the horoscope of an individual to ensure promotion in job.
  • 10th House – This isregarded as the house of career and it plays a decisive role in bringing any upsurge such as a pay hike or a promotion in the job of an individual.
  • 11th House - This house signifies realization of desires and getting a promotion is the only desire of an individual who has a job as a career. A strong 11th House would usually denote that the individual will definitely get a promotion.
  • Sun – The planet Sun represents authority, power and position and so it favours promotion. So the condition of Sun in the career horoscope of anindividual is directly related to the promotion aspect in job.
  • Saturn - Saturn on the other hand, while being totally opposite to the characteristics of Sun, is very important when it comes to promotion in a job. This is because the planet Saturn represents service and in a job we do offer our services to the company.

Important combination for job promotions:

  1. The 2nd house (house of wealth) 9th (house of fate and prosperity) 10th house (house of profession) and 11th house (house of income) are important for promotion in job.
  2. When all the above four houses form a special relationship with each other by aspect, conjunction or placed in concerning house thereare chances for promotion. The 10th house being the house of profession it is the most important house for promotion, job, and career.
  3. Promotion can be got during the Mhadasha and Antardasha (period or sub- period) of planets which form a special relationship with the 10th and 11th house and their lords in the career Prediction. The 11th house being the house of income is auspicious if an exalted planet transits through this houseor trikon house.
  4. If 10th or 11th lord are exalted in D1, D9 or D10 chart and period or sub – period has been started and also have some sort of relation with 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house then promotion is definitely yours.
  5. Career astrology specifies that the periods of the Ascendant lord, 10th Lord and of the planets exalted in the birth-chart make an individual successful in life. If these periods have some sort of relationship with the house of income than his income will increase and if these periods have some sort of relationship with the 9th house/lord, then it will be more auspicious for the individual.
  6. Sudden promotion is received when Jupiter is in Capricorn or Aquarius sign and in aspect with Saturn, and Mars is in its own sign and in aspect by the Sun.
  7. Similarly, when Venus is positioned in Gemini or Virgo, and Mars is in its own sign and in aspect with the Sun, chances of sudden promotion are expected. When the Lord of third house or sixth house is debilitated and in aspect with the Ascendant, there are chances of a sudden promotion.
  8. In a similar way, when a debilitated planet is in third or sixth house and in aspect with Moon, The individual may be promoted. Promotion is on the cards when the 10th House Lord is in conjunction with the 2nd House Lord, the 5th House Lord or ninth house is in tenth house, and the 6th House house aspects the tenth house as per career horoscope.
  9. Finally, you may receive a sudden promotion when the Ascendant Lord, fifth house Lord and house of fortune are in conjunction in tenth house, and the Lord of tenth house is not in aspect with a malefic planet.

Tips for enhancing career and professional life:

  • The 10thHouse Lord should be strengthened for success in your career. Those who have jobs should appease Lord Saturn for maintaining job and getting promotion in the job.
  • The Ascendant (Lagna) Lord should be appeased as it gives success in all fields of life even career.
  • Jupiter should be appeased to get success in life for those who are in field of lawyer, politics and educational institute.
  • In the office, behind the seat hang a picture of scenery with mountains and hills.
  • In any job, your seat should never be under a beam.
  • Do not face the wall directly while sitting in your chair. Wall should be behind you with open space in front as it gives positive energy on your profession.

You should get more information on factors affecting job increases or promotions from Vedic astrologers who will give a perfect reading with the help of Career astrology.


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