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If we talk about a planet then it is second planet in the solar system but if we talk about its significance in an astrology, it has great importance in anyone’s life. It is basically a goddess of love and have rulers over Taurus and Libra and bless an individual with money and love.

Actually, love and money is the simple interpretation of the Venus but it rules our sentiments, our values, grace, beauty, and the life’s pleasure. Through Venus, an individual can have artistic taste and inclination towards it.

It denotes pleasure, the pleasure with everyone, love, harmony in emotional attachments, romance in marriage, friendships, and other bond with business partners. It is source to spread happiness as well as tenderness. Moreover, it teaches us how to love others and appreciate the things that we have.

Thanks to the energy of planet Venus, we attract others and we appear attractive to others. Individuals with rulership of Venus in horoscope chart are highly social and they gather everyone around them. If talk about the career, art and beauty is associated with the planet venus. An individual of Venus ascendant may be good in music, dance, poetry, literature, drama, and other artistic career.

Venus almost take 225 days to revolve around the orbit and it is 47 degree from the Sun. the rotation of this planet affects each and every individual’s life but in what manner, it can only be found by the position of Venus in twelve houses of horoscope chart. Each and every house denotes the positive as well as negative effect. Here take a look at the houses and Venus’s effect on it.

1st house: If Venus resides in first house of the horoscope chart, an individual will have good qualities, wealthy, and beautiful. Moreover, the person have long life, good friendship and can gain success through love of opposite sex. A neat and clean, fashionable individual have acquisition of money through artistic things such as dancing, music, theater, painting and so on.

If the Venus resides in Libra and Aries, an individual is wealthy, have longevity of son’s life, get royal favor, and sexy. The male will be blessed with noble wife, and enjoys affluence. Moreover, this planet in Libra and Taurus causes raj you because it is in its own house. If Venus is distressed, it can cause disappointment in love and marriage.

2nd house: An individual have beautiful and attractive eyes, passionate, fond of opposite sex, social, can have income from various source, wealthy, devoted lover, generous, soft spoken, and so on. Gains through wife, knowledge, and social affairs, loves luxurious life and favored by the Saturn that helps in accumulation of wealth. Distressed Venus denoted the loss in financial status, deception in friendship as well as in love.

3rd house: The native will have strong liking for art that give pleasure to mind and uplift the thinking. Also, have favorable mental development, refined nature, and practical in view. Gains through publication of literature or poetry if affected by Jupiter in 9th house. Gets favor from relation and neighborhood, journey and travel. If the Venus is distressed in this then all the above will gets opposite and an individual may face loss through relation and neighbors.  

4th house: Individual with Venus in 4th house have cordial relationship with parents, agreeable, and favorable in domestic affairs. Gain wealth from inheritance, have love for family and home, have acquisition of property, finance, and house. If the 4th house has Sun, Jupiter or Moon with Venus indicates success in life, good wife, happy children, vehicle, jewelry, and scent. The natives are liberal and have lots of sincere friends.

5th house: An individual with Venus in 5th house of the horoscope gains wealth, wise, self indulgent, have dutiful children, will have more daughter than son, gain from children, gain from partnership and love affairs, are sexy and passionate. Natives are idealistic in love relations, gains through investment, poet, and music composer. Moreover, the native attain power and authorities. When Saturn distresses the Venus, sorrow and disappointment will take place.

6th house: In sixth house provides victory over enemies, gain in employment by employer, good health, keeps care in eating and drinking habit. Love of clothes, pet, and have good family. If planet gets distressed, it will result in skin disease, bad health, kidney trouble but health will improve after marriage, if combust or Strife an enemy is created.

7th house: Love and partnership is the source of success and gain wealth after marriage. The native will have happy married life and the native is sincere, devoted, and faithful. He/she will also get success in public relations and will have happiness and enjoyment in life. They tend to be prosperous and have relation with prominent people. In addition, the native is sexy and attracted to opposite sex very much. One will get great pleasure with beautiful women.

8th house: If the Venus resides in this house, then the individual will have financial gain from his/her spouse, legacy or parental wealth. The native will have natural death, and he/she should avoid insecure investment. Moreover, the person will have interest in astrology, occultism, and psychic research. Enjoys long life.

If the Planet is distressed, it results in sickness, difficulties in legacy, domestic life and occultism. A person can be suffered from blood circulation issue and may kidney get damaged. May face death of the partner, grief, and failure in love. If the Venus is in its own house, then the native will pay his/her’s father debt.

9th house: If the planet resides in ninth house, then the individual is sympathetic, helpful, kind, and interested in religion. He or she loves travelling, intelligent, optimistic, and will command all the comfort. The native will have righteous disposition, fiends and kids. Moreover, an individual may have gainful abroad journey, means can have marriage abroad or to a foreigner women.

If the Venus is distress in 9th house, then the native will face dissatisfaction, isolation, disloyalty, disappointments, and attainment of above things. Also, face loss of wealth, marital happiness, cheating with better half or adultery with opposite sex.

10th house: Seeks contact with others and desires to take things from learned or artistic people and his/her career get influenced by them. An individual is widely renowned, wealth, gain, honors, and have good moral as well as social humorous. Moreover, an individual have gain through parents and will have general prosperity. He must have profession connected with women and loved by all.

If the planet is distressed, it denotes loss and trouble, unhappiness, delay in finance, evil cause, and disappointments. Also, suffer lack of opportunities and occupies a low position often. Illness or affliction causes limitations.  

11th house: The native with Venus in eleventh house in horoscope chart have impressive personality. Possess universal brotherhood, learned, rich, wealthy, and acts as ruler. He/she is fond of opposite sex and gains wealth and help from the person in authority or power. Also, the native have good social circle, and gains happiness from them, reputed, gains favor from women, have great social success, orator, and religious in nature. Distressed Planet results in obstruction, partiality and jealousy.

12th house: If Venus presents in twelfth house of the horoscope chart, then the native enjoys bed with others. Means, an individual is inclined to romance. Love for the mysterious cases that caption the mind. Extra love affairs can happen. Moreover, if this planet is distressed by Saturn then result in divorce, and disappointments through opposite sex.

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