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Vastu shastra Tips for Good health

Our well being is of utmost importance. There has been an upsurge of health and fitness with bundles of information flowing throughout our social media. Vastu shastra provides one such path to good health

Vastu shastra is a science of architecture originating in the Indian subcontinent. This was developed in ancient India thousands of years ago. The positions, layout and directions of structures form the main fundamentals of Vastu Shasta. This allows positive energy flow around us.

Although this ancient science is vast and complex, there are some simple tips to help maintain robust health.

1. Burning a candle – Placing a burning candle in the room of the ill can have profound effects. The direction in which the candle is placed has specific effects. The North is good for one’s career and East is for better family health. The center is for peace and balance. Whichever direction you put the candle, it can only do well. There is a catch. It must be burnt for a couple of weeks to get full benefit.

2. Fire and Water balance – Out of the five elements, fire and water must be in balance. The generator, inverter in the south or south facing house means the element of fire is more. Avoid kitchen in the north east. Make sure the fire element is not dominating. Water tank in the south east must also be avoided for better health.

3. Crystals – Certain type of crystals like the Reiki Crystals helps to energize its environment by absorbing the negativity. Place them in the rooms of the sick ones.

4. Furniture position – Heavy furniture block energy flow in the room. Keep the center of the house empty. The center is known as the Brahmasthan. It is an important position in the house to keep good health among members of the house.

5. Staircases – Most of us in the cities live in small apartments. Those living in multistoried houses have staircases trailing to the upper floors. Although Vastu has given many guidelines for the stairs, for good health one must not have stairs in the center of the house i.e. Brahmasthan. Absolutely no obstruction to energy flow must be there. Staircases in the corner are advisable.

6. Sleeping position – We spend two-thirds of our day sleeping in our beds. The head of the person must face towards the south. Second best position is head facing the east. Make sure you sleep on your left for better health.

7. Beams – The beams on the ceiling can be anywhere but the center ( Brahmasthan) of the house. This is similar to the reason given for avoiding heavy furniture and stairs in the center.

8. Choosing a bedroom – Let us say you just moved into a new house. The kids would immediately state their choices. Make sure the main earner of the family chooses the room in the south west. This will bring optimum health to them and maintain financial stability in the home.

9. Doors- Doors in the south west of the house can bring chronic illnesses to its residents.

10. Hanuman’s Image – For some an idol or a picture of Hanuman can bring peace. This must however face the south.

11. The Gate – The gate towards the south must be kept closed always. If the gate is outside, make sure it is the same height as the outside wall. To beautify and bring good health, grow citrus trees on either side of the gate.

12. Mantra chanting - Chanting Mahamrithyunjaya Mantra 108 times daily helps to maintain good health and speed recovery.

13. Streets – Sometimes a road ending at the south west part of the house can cause ill health in the long run. Changing the position of the road is next to impossible. At times, after trying several remedies, the difficult to move into another house may have to be considered.

14. Plants – Bamboo plants must be placed outside the house. Never place a plant inside the bedroom.

15. Animals – Most animal lovers have dogs, birds or fish. They must not be situated inside the bedroom. Live pets and plants are inauspicious in bedroom.

Apply the Vastu Shastra in your home for more health and happiness. Remember healthy body and mind can cross life’s hurdles with greater ease. This will allow faster personal and financial growth.

Disclaimer: The above tips help with illnesses in the long run and medical treatments must be continue as advised by your medical practitioner.

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