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Vastu Shastra- The ancient science of architecture for kitchen

To have the perfect vastu Shastra for the kitchen is the most important as it represents the element fire of the kitchen. Fire signifies the control over every single element. It is both the destroyer and the maker of an element. The entire idea of fire can be distinguished into both a symbolic fire and the actual fire.

The actual fire is the maker that is turning raw food into cooked once whereas the symbolic fire that provides heat to the desires we possess and the physical needs and the spiritual self for everything in life. You must be thinking that why is Vastu Shastra important for the kitchen or why is it important to design a kitchen according to vastu Shastra?

What is Vastu Shastra for kitchen?

Let us first understand the meaning of vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is primarily is an ancient Indian science that has contributed in balancing energies in and around a place. It is said vastu Shastra helps to have a prosperous living by removing all the negative energies and bringing in and multiplying positive energies in our environment or around us.

Vastu Shastra helps you to make harmonious buildings at various places so that you rhythm with Mother Nature, life is balanced and you can lead a happy life

Next let us understand the idea of kitchen. It is the place where transformation takes place. It is the place where raw and uncooked food is transformed into edible food with great taste. The same food that has been cooked in the kitchen provides energy to the family members.

The word “energy” plays a very important role in this. The energy that we get by consuming the food that we have cooked is the positive energy.

We all believe that everything in this universe is made up of energy or energy. Fire is also known as one of the expressions of energy. Fire has a positive aspect with respect to you and negative aspect when it turns to be disastrous. Due to the vastu Shastra defect, there will be an imbalance created in energy and your kitchen gives out negative energy in place of positive.

What will be the consequences? The negative energy that is being eliminated from your kitchen will disturb you mentally and physically. You will start losing your health and become frustrated. It is therefore very important to make you kitchen according to vastu Shastra and follow all the rules and regulations of the vastu Shastra to bring out the positive energy and decreasing the negative energy.

After all the above meanings, let us combine both the meanings. When we get a kitchen according to vastu Shastra it has the ability to eliminate out negative energy together with multiplying and embracing the positive energies available in the environment. You will be happy and prosperous in your life.

Problems faced in non-vastu Shastra complaint kitchen:

After reading and understanding the entire above-mentioned concept, we see through a list of ill effects for the kitchen

1. Health loss: It is said that the cook and the head of the family suffers from lethal diseases and ultimately leads to dead.

2. Depression in Financial status: it is seen that the financial status decreases and leads to bankruptcy. The limit of credit increases.

3. The intolerance in Family Disputes: It is observed that family disputes increases andleads to separation and divorce.

How can you build a vastu Shastra kitchen?

A vastu Shastra kitchen can be built in simple steps. The first step is to pick up the perfect location of the kitchen that is the South-East corner of your home

The second step is to apply all the rules and regulations regarding vastu Shastra.

The must do of a vastu Shastra complaint kitchen:

* You need to place the platform of the kitchen in the east or southeast corner.

* You need to place the kitchen stove in the southeast corner some inches away from the wall.

* You need to build an L shaped platform near the main platform and keep microvans, mixer or grinder on it.

* According to the vastu Shastra, use the northeast to setup the sink of the kitchen.

* Vastu Shastra also asks to keep drinking water and utensils used for drinking water in the northeast or north side of the kitchen.

* Vastu Shastra suggests to keep the boxes of grains, pulses, spices etc. on the South or west direction

* It is necessary to have two windows in the east or west walls and place an exhaust fan between those windows according to the rules of vastu Shastra.

* It depends on you but you can also place a dining table in the North West or the west of the vastu Shastra kitchen.

* You are advised to keep light weight things in the east or north direction.

* Vastu Shastra suggests to build a mezzanine floor in the west or south of the kitchen.

* According to the rules of vastu Shastra, it is advised that the cook should always look towards east while cooking. This particular act is said to ensure good family health.

* You should place your refrigerator in the southeast, west or north direction according to vastu Shastra.

* Vastu Shastra strongly believes to offer scared offering to the fire of the first thing that has been cooked in the kitchen

* You are supposed to clean the kitchen before sleeping according to vastu Shastra

All the above mentioned steps will help to feel a very extravagant and positive change in our life.

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