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Various Methodology in Vedic Astrology/ Indian astrology.

Being a modern world person, we still believe in astrology. Even in this era of technology and practicability, astrology still prevails. And there comes the need of having a slight knowledge of methodologies of our Vedic astrology. As far as the Vedic astrology is concerned, the study depends on the dasa system.  One has to have knowledge of an accurate birth time. It becomes easier to explain the each portion of one’s life to the guardianship of a particular planet.

Even the astrologers make prediction by studying the affect of various planets. One has to study the placement of planets in the same house or the opposite house. It is helpful to know the event that will take place.

Vedic astrology even predicts marriage and pregnancy related issues. If an individual wants to have a change in marital status, his marriage chart is studied. If an individual wants to have a change in career status, his career chart is analyzed. Similarly the pregnancy related issue or children related issue can also be studied.

The repetition of the planetary aspects in the proper varga also leads to some happenings. It is known as the subject area where the particular event takes place in life.  People also quest to find out the nature of any particular event. It is also possible to determine the cause and effect. One has to study the planets involved. Then he has to study the placement of houses. There are many other factors which should be studied. It includes house ruler ship, any benefic or malefic aspects to respective planets. Even the nature of friendship/enemy planets is a matter of concern.

Techniques of Prediction in Indian Astrology

When it comes to prediction or astrology, one can trust Indian astrology blindly.

Even many experts have named Indian astrology to be the best predictive science. Obviously it is the result of various measures taken by the ancient Indian seers. Our Indian astrology consists of the divine science. Indian astrologers predict future keeping in mind the various parts of Vedas. They study the placement of nine astrological planets. They are the planet Sun, planet Moon, planet Mars, planet Mercury, planet Jupiter, planet Venus, planet Saturn, planet Rahu and planet ketu. As far as the methodology is concerned it involves twelve signs, twelve houses and twenty seven constellations.

Indian astrology studies the positions, conjunctions and aspects of related or respective planets. Everything depends upon the particular moment of time. Even a single second changes negativity into positive one.

Each and every prediction is taken by a study of birth chart, Moon sign, Navamsha chart etc. Many times transition of sun is observed. It should have an effect on the 10th house of a chart. Whenever it happens it is assumed that it introduces professional changes.

The placement of Saturn in the birth chart leads to good strength and free from afflictions. The changes to be happened are assumed to be beneficial and good. It is good short run and long run as well. It can be said that various factors are studied before the necessary predictions. It includes the strength of planets, the strength of the house etc. And this is the methodology being followed.

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