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Vastu Shastra- The Ancient Science of Architecture for Bedroom

Bedroom is a special room of the house. We take great efforts to make our room appealing. While designing and organizing the bedroom we must also keep in mind Vaastu Shastra. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a vaastu compliant bedroom…

Let’s start with the main bedroom…The Master Bedroom. It is best for couples to use the master bedroom.

* The Master Bedroom must be largest of all the other bedrooms of the house.

* South west is considered the best direction for the master bedroom. Couples should avoid north east bedroom as it may lead to constant marital problems and diseases.

* If you live in house with multiple stories, Top floor is the best place.

* Size of bedroom should be rectangular of the ratio of 1:2.

Once you have made your master bedroom as per the vaastu, it is time to place another important piece of furniture.. The Bed.

* The head of the bed must be towards the South or West direction

* Avoid placing the bed in a corner

We must follow certain general guidelines to allow positive flow of energy in the bedrooms. Doors too have certain importance in vaastu. Everything is the room can affect the occupants.

* The door of the master bedroom must be facing North, East or West.

* There should be only single door not double doors.

* Make sure the door opens without noise. This will allow some peace while opening or closing the door.

The walls must be painted in soft colours like blue, and rose. Those looking for a darker colour can use gray or chocolate not black. Now that the room and bed has been set. Let’s look at the objects in the room. We are very dependent on our gadgets in today’s time.

TV, Laptops, heaters or other electronic devices must be avoided in bedrooms. If absolutely unavoidable, place them in south-east direction. Safes must be placed outside the bedroom perimeter. South wall is the best for safes.

On entering the room one must look at a pleasant wall hanging. According to vaastu, any live being must avoided in the room like plants and fish.

Dressing tables must be placed in North or East wall of the room. Mirrors can be placed on any wall but make sure you can’t see yourself while on the bed. Wall clocks are best hung on the east wall. If the east wall is not possible, the north is second best.

This is based on a simple concept. Since ancient times, we know the sun rises in the east. First thing in the morning it is best to face east. In the morning when we wake up, we immediately want to see the time. So, wall clock in
the east is a simple yet effective way to acquire the best from nature.

In summers, we need the air conditioner which must also be placed in proper directions. The west or south wall is the best place. Make sure to get a split A.C. if window A.C. cannot be fixed in west or south due to the position of the window.

Children of the house are the life a family. They must be given a room in the West side of the house. The second best direction for children’s bedroom is the East. The bed’s head for children must be towards east or south.

Problems linked to sleeping positions

If you are suffering from medical and financial issues, check the position in which you sleep. The direction of the head while sleeping at night has long term effects.

Insomnia, anxiety and also short temper could be because the head is placed in the southeast direction. South east is dangerous even for bed placement. Such couples have household quarrels and trouble with neighbours leading to a bad reputation in the society. Illegitimate relations in personal lives and financial ruins are connected with southeast directions.

Headaches, financial losses and mental instability have been linked to northeast direction. Although directions are implicated, one should not defer medical professional consultations for medical problems.

Vastu shastra consultants

You may think, vastushastra tips for bedroom is available on the internet and in book, so why do we need vaastu consultants? Most of us live in preconstructed houses. Only few have the luxury to self design and build their own house exactly according to vastu.

There are complex issues with directions when our rooms, furnitures and lifestyles have to be re-adusted. Vastu consutants provide solutions to all vastu related queries.

For example, the bedrooms are situated in all directions of the house. While choosing the rooms for the respective family members, one can consult. The master bedroom is supposed to be the largest and in the south west but the smallest room could be in the southwest in your house.

What will you do? While choosing a bedroom one has to also consider the breadwinner and elder of the family. Along with that the unmarried daughter , unmarried son and couples too.

Such vaastu queries can be dealt with the help of vastu consultants on our website.

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