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There are Constant Fights between My Husband and Me. Can Astrology Suggest the Reasons and Remedies for It?

Marriage is the most sacred relationship across the world that not just binds two people, but two different communities to each other. Getting separated or divorced from each other is one of the rarest things that anyone would even ever imagine in his dream, especially in the Indian culture. The bond of marriage gets stronger only when both husband and the wife are ready to make few compromises, understand and respect each other, and to share a feeling of lasting affection for each other.

But men and women are individuals with a different state of mind and perceptions, and it is from there that problems occur in the married life of a couple. A marriage seeks problems when either the husband, or the wife, or both are not able to live the relationship to the fullest. As per astrology, the main causes of an unhealthy married life are weak Jupiter and Venus. If any of these planets is weak, then the marriage will suffer a lot. If in case both these planets are weak, then this might result in a broken marriage

Why My Marriage Life Unhappy ?

So, what to do?

If you too are experiencing problems in your married life and want to restructure it again, then astrology can help you in this regard. As per astrology experts, there are few effective and easy remedies that can be followed in order to eradicate all types of problems between a husband and a wife. Before we tell you about such remedies, it is essential to first know the reasons of fights between a husband and a wife.

Reasons of Fights between Husband and Wife

As per astrology, there are various reasons of fights between married couples, such as:

  • Different Characteristics of Husband and Wife due to transitioning places of the planets.
  • The presence of any negative yoga or dosha in the Janam Kundli of any one of them.
  • Lack of harmony and romance in the married life due to weak Venus and Mars.
  • Differences in opinions related to ambitions, priorities, lifestyles, and more.
  • The scarcity of money resulting in increased domestic problems.
  • Any one of the people having an extramarital affair.
  • Disrespecting or lack of trust between the couple.
  • Interference of relatives and other family members, leading to conflicts between the two.

So, if you too are suffering from any of these problems, then the good news is that it can be resolved completely with astrology. While it is always beneficial to consult an expert marriage astrologer beforehand and to take appropriate measures related to your specific problem, but still, we list some effective remedies below. These remedies are effective in treating all sorts of problems between married couples.

Remedies to Combat Fights and Problems between a Husband and a Wife

  1. It is possible to combat all major conflicts from your married life by pleasing Lord Shiva. For this, you may begin chanting the mantra of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ from the first Monday of Shukla Paksha. It is better if you are able to chant this mantra in a Shiva Temple.
  2. Another effective remedy to reduce the conflicts between married couples is to chant the ‘Trayashari Mahamriyunjaya Mantra.’ By religiously chanting this mantra for at least 21 days and in a temple, you can avail unbelievable results. If you are not able to visit the temple, then it is essential that you carry the practice in a quiet place.
  3. Problems in the married life can be due to transitions of the planets and their affliction on 7th house and its lord Venus. The 4th house in the horoscope is the place of comfort and peace in the family. If there are troubles in the 4th house, then its Lord would influence an individual, and hence he would witness an individual’s bad habits and overlook the good ones. So, in such case, it is essential for you to worship the Lord of Venus and Lord of 4th House in the horoscope. The details for this can be availed correctly from an experienced astrologer.
  4. If couples have developed negative feelings for each other, then they both can wear the Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. If both the partners wear this Rudraksha, then they will tend to develop increased passion and affection for each other.
  5. To ensure that there are no negative feelings in the house, it is essential to wipe the floor with salt water daily or at least for once a week.
  6. Wearing yellow color or gold bangles is another proven astrological remedy that is believed to bring harmony and peace into the married life of a couple. Gold, diamond, and silver are considered as precious metals that are expected to bring harmony and love between the couples.
  7. If you are experiencing any problems in your marriage due to interference from relatives or other family members, then you can mix wheat with black gram and ground them together to obtain flour. You can even purchase a ready to use a mix of wheat and gram flour and use it to cook food during every Saturday. Soon every problem will be discarded.
  8. If there are 11 Gomti Chakra along with red vermilion are placed in a vermilion box, then all problems between wife and husband would be sorted completely.
  9. To ensure that your married life is filled with peace and harmony always, you must offer prayers to the Peepal and Banana Tree on Thursdays. You must offer water to them and lit a lamp filled with ghee on Banana Tree and another lamp filled with mustard oil on the Peepal tree.
  10. Placing a red vermilion under the pillow of the husband and placing camphor under the pillow of the wife is an effective way to get rid of daily disputes between the husband and the wife. In the morning, the husband should throw half of the vermilion and eat the remaining part, and the wife must light the camphor.

    11. Astrology has solutions to all problems between a husband and a wife. If you still have any queries, then it is wise to consult an expert astrologer to get an exact solution for all your problems

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