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The Zodiac Signs And Houses Defining Body Parts

As in Astrology, it believes that various factor effect the body and lead them various types of diseases which sometime remain prolong in the body. In Astrology it is said that the various factors such as planets, signs and horoscope are basic tool which depicts that which body part will have the problems. It simply said each body part is divided as per these tree like planets, signs and horoscope and if one is affected then it will have diseases related to it.

As we all know that human body is constituted by the five elements and these elements are the basis of the formation. These five elements are the most important as for the survival. As per astrology these five elements are as per given below and every element showcase different importance. so , read to know more:

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- Fire: it simply defines the energy of the body, it indicates thought process and the nervous system of human body.

- Earth: it is the most stable parts of human body, it consist of body parts such as bones, flesh, tissues, cells and other stable part.

- Water: generally it is the representation of liquid state, controls body temperature and fights with the diseases.

- Air: It is the moving dynamic, it can be said that without air life is possible.

- Ether: the basic function of it in body is sound.

These are the five elements which help in constructing the human body, as per astrology the functionality of body part is done by the three dosha. They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, the diseases are viewed by these three. It is said these are present in every cell,

Vata: It is made of the two major elements which ar Air and Ether, that means it helps to fight and have a control of removing waste products.

Pitta: This is constituted with Fire and Water, it keeps a check on metabolism process of the human body and checks for the digestion of the food and its transformation.

Kapha: the elements which are important in the formation are water and earth. This helps in holding the body together.

It is termed as that twelve zodiac signs define or represent the kaal purush( the assumed individual who display different body part). The medical astrology is termed as important part as it helps to determine which body part is affected and which type of illness it will get.

The various body parts defined as per Zodiac Signs:

Aries: It consist of Head, Brain and the cerium bones of the body.

Taurus: It consist of face, larynx, facial bones of the body.

Gemini: It Consist of Neck, shoulder, arms, hand, upper chest, windpipe, upper food pipe, bones of collar, neck, shoulder and arms of the body.

Cancer: It Consist of breast, chest, lungs, heart, ribs of the human body.

Leo: It consist of Upper abdomen, Upper spine, liver, spleen, small intestine, back bones, upper spine of the human body.

Virgo: It consist of Lower abdomen, large intestine, lower spine of the human body.

Libra: It showcase the region of body below naval, uterus, ovary, testicles, kidney and pelvic bones.

Scorpio: It consist of genital organs, anus, lower part of large intestines, lower back of the human body.

Sagittarius: It consist of thighs, arteries, hip bone of the human body.

Capricon: It consist of knees, joints and the knee cap joints of human body.

Aquarius: It consist of legs, knuckles, blood circulation and the shin bones of the human body.

Pisces: It Consist Of feet, Toes, lymphatic system and bones of feet of the human body.

The above defines that how simply zodiac signs defines your body parts and which body part fall in which sign. Likewise there are houses also, which defines the various body parts and this can be termed as health astrology. It is defined in astrology that right part of the body is of the houses first to seventh, in other words also astrologer defines right side as the invisible half whereas the left side is visible half of the horoscope.

The various houses are below given:

- 1st House : whole body, head, mind, brain, mind, hair,skin, limbs, old age, strength,freedom from illness.

- 2nd House : Face, nose, right eye, tongue, teeth, oral cavity, larynx, gullet, nails, bones and flesh.

- 3rd House : Right Ear, neck, shoulders, collar bones, clavicles, windpipe, breathing, food pipe, first part of hand, physical growth, thyroid and mental status.

- 4th House : Heart, lungs, chest, diaphragm and blood.

- 5th House :upper abdomen, gallbladder, liver, pancreas,spleen and small intestine.

- 6th House: Lower abdomen, large intestine, kidney and appendix. This is termed as the house of disease.

- 7th House : urinary tract, prostate gland, uterus, ovaries, testes, emen and groins.

- 8th Houses : External genital, rectum, seminal,vessels and loss of limb.

- 9th House : Hips, thighs and anterior system ( female)

- 10th House : Kneecap, knee joint and popliteal fossa.

- 11th House : left ear, legs and shanks.

- 12th House : left eye, feet,,crippled limbs and physical ailments.

These above zodiac signs and houses tells that which body part belong the houses and zodiac signs. It simply tells the individual that if they are suffering from any illness then medical astrology will help you to get the answer.

The astrologer also suggest in spite of this, health astrology by date of birth also tell which illness will be the reason of the suffering of the native. medical astrology remedies are provided by the astrologer which help the native to come out the serial illness and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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