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In Today's Time, Mental Compatibility Is Very Necessary For Successful And Joyful Marriage Life. Can Kundali Match Help In This

Marriage, a beautiful bond between two persons. It is a connection of soul-to-soul of two people who plan to come together to share sorrow and joy for the life. However, everybody’s marriage does not come under same circumstances because couples have been seen fighting with each other. In fact miscommunication and misunderstandings has taken its place and most of the time it results in broken marriage. It is not because of lack of manners or teachings in childhood.

Sometimes your birth chart shows your compatibility with your partner and it is believed that position of planets in a person’s Kundli shows his/her own behavior and ideologies. And the difference in this behavior and ideologies creates miscommunication or gap in communication.

Kundali is or can be life altering if you are planning to get married. At least you should know that there is a difference in behavior and in thinking so that you can cope with it and try to avoid a fight with each other. Consulting an astrologer who is expert in kundli matching for marriage can be beneficial. He can guide you to avoid circumstances where mental compatibility is not present.

How Kundli helps in marriage make?

While matching kundli, astrologers look for the guna-milan for ensuring the overall compatibility of would be couple. This guna-milan will tell you whether the marriage or relationship will be joyful or not. In fact, the basic need in a relationship for a person is mental compatibility and the whole life moves around it only. An astrologer will study the horoscope chart of the prospective couple and according to the 8 gunas, which has given the total 36 points will give a reading of the compatibility for successful marriage life. If couple gets points 18-32 then they are compatible to marry each other but below 18 is not compatible and astrologer strictly disapproves this kind of marriage horoscope. However, along with the mental compatibility, this matching also denotes some another aspect of the marriage such as:


Character matching

Mental compatibility and likeness


Loving and caring nature

Child birth

Educational level and career

Financial status after marriage

General habits and separative tendencies

Significance of Mental compatibility in marriage

For marriage and metal compatibility, astrologers look for the moon sign that is janam rashi. Means at time of birth, the position of the moon in a particular house of the horoscope chart signifies the birth rashi. Now there are several conditions, which can give the compatibility in marriage.

If the lord of birth rashi in the female chart and the lord of the birth rashi in the male chart are friends then it is said that there will be harmony in the relationship and marriage will be successful.

If they are enemies or have no friendship then there will be strong arguments, ego clash, and strong difference in ego that leads to frequent ego clash.

If the lord of the birth rashi of a female is friendly but the lord of birth rashi of the male is neutral then this can be considered for marriage and it has given 4 out of 5 points or vice-versa.

If lords of both birth rashis of male and female are neutral with each other, then this will get 3 points out of 5 and it is still considerable for mental compatibility.

If the lords of the birth rashis of both male and female are friendly- enemy or vice versa with each other the in this case couple get 1 points out of 5 points. This means mental compatibility is present but there will be more conflicts.

If the lord of the female birth rashi is neutral and lord of the male birth rashi is enemy or vice-versa then in this condition, the couple will get 0.5 marks out of 5 points.

With mental compatibility one can have spiritual compatibility, same values, interests, conviction, and can have mutual understanding. They can easily communicate and can share their feeling with each other.

How Grah Maitri works?

Means friendship among lords of the planets. Grah maithri is the 4th most important in guna matching in the kundli and it has given 5 points. If both male and female got 0 scores in grah maitri then it is called as grah-maitri dosh. You need to reconsider your marriage idea because it completely denies your marriage compatibility.

Grah-maitri is the only indicator that helps in matching metal compatibility of the couple. In above passage, I was referring to moon that signifies the mind and compatibility in the couple. When moon travels from the Ashwini nakshatra to the Revati nakshatra from 12 zodiac signs in a clockwise motion, then at any particular time and place, if moon is present in the particular nakshatra and in particular birth sign. For example, moon is present in the Pushya Nakshatra in Cancer sign then according to astrology, people born under this condition can have complete mental compatibility. Now there are some conditions where couple say they feel mental compatibility then must consider these cases:

Couple needs to distinguish the difference between mental compatibility and physical compatibility. If there is physical compatibility then the relation is surely going to fail with mental compatibility.

If there are other doshas such as Gana Dosh and Bhakoot dosh is present in the horoscope chart no matter how strong your 7th house is. Marriage is never going to happen.

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