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Role of Planet Sun in Girls Chart In Case Of Marriage

The Planet Sun also called Surya or Ravi plays a trivial role in a Girl’s chart in case of marriage. According to Vedic astrology, if the Sun in the 7th house of the girl’s chart then it might be an issue. He is termed as the Father of our solar system. In this article, we will talk about the effect of Sun on the marriage horoscope of a girl. And whichever bhav (house) Sun sits in, that house gets hot or burnt to some extent. Thus, this trait of the Sun makes it a destructive in an inconsiderable way in Vedic Astrology.

Sun is the biggest of all planets in our solar system and is the Almighty. It is the Sun due to which life on our planet exists and all planets revolve around the Sun signifying the role of it as the biggest star in the Milky Way galaxy. In Vedic astrology, Sun is regarded to be the Karak planet for both the father and the soul. It is the ruling planet of Leo (22 July – 23 August) zodiac sign, which is the 5th astrological sign. The Sun is exalted in Aries sign.

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The planet, Surya is never placed in the 7th house of a kundali except out of great respect widespread acceptance. Thus, for a girl’s marriage Sun is considered. And its presence in the 7th house of a girl’s astrological chart represents marriage or partnership and Sun attracts Ego in the marriage system and even ruins any partnership prospects. Added, the husband can be a bully by nature, ill – tempered and self – centered.

Not to upset my readers, however, Sun in the 7th house marriage prediction is often late. If we look on the bright side, these days late marriages are accepted and is not a taboo. People settle down even at the age of 30 – 35. Another result would be early death of husband or legal separation due to Sun’s placement in the 7th house. The girl’s horoscope is much influenced by her husband except the longevity of the marriage.

Read on to know the effects of the Sun in the houses of a girl’s chart:

  • 1st house: will create health problems.

  • 2nd house: is not favorable for her family life. Sun in the

  • 6th house: will lead to stained relationships with her sisters and in – laws.

  • 7th house: deprives peace from her married life.

  • 9th house:  can create disputes with her forefathers and leading her to lose land property

  • 10th house:  will be unfriendly relationship with her father

  • 12th house:  may create sleep disorders

In Vedic Astrology, a girl’s horoscope has first 7 houses influenced by her parents’ house and the rest in her partner’s house. If we move from 8th house, we will observe that all other houses are the ones which have outcomes effect after marriage. The longevity of her marriage, her luck, profit and loss, dharma and Karma or salvation is all based upon her married life. However, in the case of a boy, his profit and loss, dharma and karma aren’t directly proportional to them settling down or leading a life of a saint.

There are other adverse effects of the Sun’s presence in the girl’s chart in case of her marriage. These effects are listed below:

  • The girl might be deserted by the spouse.

  • She might be rejected by her husband.

  • The girl will be discarded by her husband.

  • The girl’s female offspring will be cast away.

  • The most decent woman becomes mean and loses her value.  Here spouse won’t love and she is deprived of his gentleness and faces his anger.

The above listed effects are borrowed from these Sanskrit slokas:

सूर्येऽस्तमे परित्यत्का

उत्सृष्टा रविणा

उत्सृष्टा सूर्येऽस्ते

उत्सृष्टा मदनस्थिते दिनकरे शत्रुग्रहालोकिते I

The adverse effects of the Sun sign can be lessened by chanting this mantra:

Om Hram Hreem Hrom Sah Suryaye Namah

Other remedies include:

  • feeding stray animals (especially hornless cows),

  • reducing salt intake in daily life,

  • not having dogs as your pet,

  • offering water and red flowers to Sun in the early mornings

  • performing Surya Namaskar

  • wearing  Ruby gemstone

  • consider doing charity

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