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Remedies To Overcome Manglik Dosha In Your Kundali

Remedies to overcome mangalik dosha in your kundali

Mangalik Dosha is one of the most discussed thing in the Indian human society. One of the major dosha of your kundali is to check Mangalik dosha. The positioning of Mars (mangal) in certain houses in the horoscope or kundali, which is supposed to have a great impact on the married life and the family after and before marriage, is known as the “Mangalik Dosha”.

To check Mangalik or non-mangalik is important as if a mangalik and non- mangalik gets married then the person is bound to die. The Mangalik Dosha varies from people to people. This is how to know mangalik and check mangalik or non mangalik.

         Manglik Dosha Solutions in Kundali Matching?

How does it occur?

This is the way to check mangalik dosha. In a human horoscope chart, there are about twelve houses. If mars is positioned in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the chart, then the person is supposed to be under the Mangalik Dosha.

It is considered that you check Mangalik Dosha and the person is under the negative influence of the planet Mars. This will help you check mangalik or non-mangalik by nature.

When the mangal causes the problem:

When the Mars is said to be in the first house, there are high chances of conflicts and violence.

When the Mars is said to be in the second house, it is predicted to affect the family of the person troubling marriage and professional life.

When the Mars is said to be in the fourth house, it is observed that the person has failure in professional life and keep switching jobs.

When the Mars is said to be in the seventh house, it is noticed that the person is ill tempered.

When the Mars is said to be in the eighth house, the person has high chances from being away from elders and lose paternal property.

When the Mars is said to be in the tenth house, the person is basically suffering from mental illness and has financial losses to his or her enemies.

We need to know how to know Mangalik Dasha from the Lagna and the Moon. The Mangalik Dosha becomes effective if it is for both Lagna and the Moon. The existence of the mangal will help you check mangalik dosha.

Characteristics to check Mangalik Dosha

Both the sexes of people can have Mangalik Dasha.

Mangal or the Mars is the planet, which shows aggression and hot-tempered nature of a person.

The Mangalik, which have fierceness in them, have a lot of energy within. This energy is very dynamic and the needs to be contrasted properly and in a right way. If the energy is not channelized properly, it may leave to destructiveness.

The Mangalik dosha is considered negative and is often related to intolerance, competition, conflict and disaster.

The mental life can be affected by the mangalik dosha and it is important to check mangalik dosa.

The mangalik dosha causes discords in the marriage and severe tension.

It may also cause delay in the marriage proposals so we should check mangalik dosha at an early stage.

Mangaliks in very rare case can be victimized in marriages.

The ill effects of the Mangalik Dosha can be neglected if the person is born in Tuesday.

There is even a belief that people who have ill-treated their partners in the past life can have Mangalik Dosha.

Remedies to overcome the ill effects of Mangalik Dosha:

To get a marriage between two Mangaliks.

It is often believed that the two negatives become a positive. They say that both the Mangaliks get married and nullify the effect.

The art of Kumbh Vivaah

After you know how mangalik the person is, she has to marry a banana tree or a peepal tree. She can also marry a Gold or silver Lord Vishnu idol to get over Mangalism.

The fasting series

The fasting on every Tuesday is considered to be a very effective solution. During the fasting, the Mangaliks are supposed to not eat the pidgeon or toor daal after you check mangalik or non mangalik nature of the person.

Chanting the devotional mantras

Chanting Navgraha Mantra already known as the Mangal Mantra can help decrease the Mangalik pressure of the Grahas. Chanting the gayatri mantra 108 times a day can be very effective with prior to mangalik dosha after you know how mangalik dosha you are.

Help in Performing poojas and bhaktis in temples

After you check Mangalik or Non mangalik, The reduction of the Mangalik Dosha can be helped by visiting various Navagraha temples.

The act of offering

After you know how mangalik or non mangalik nature you have, Things like the sword and knife are offered placate the planet mars or the mangal. In order to pacify the high negative effect of the planet mars we can offer foods like lenthil daal, wheat bread and red stones.

Gem stones

Astrologers often offer and advise to wear a red coral stone in a gold ring on the ring finger of the right hand after you check mangalik or non mangalik

To get married after the age of 28

The intensity of the dosha can come down if the person under Mangalik Dosha gets married after the age of 28.

When you check mangalik and non mangalik, you feed the birds with sweet

To keep an ivory or elephant teeth at home after you check mangalik or non mangalik nature.

To worship the banyan tree with milk which is sweet help you know mangalik dosha

To start donating red clothes to the workers who work with the sharp iron items.

People believe that a Pooja in the special mangal nath temple in Ujjain will reduce the Mangalik Dosha.

To keep an orange coloured lord Ganesh idol in the worshipping room of your house and worship it daily with offerings.

Once you have check manglik nature, he or she has to go under Vishnu Vivaah, Kumbha Vivaah and the Ashwath Vivaah.

These remedies will help you tackle the negative Mangalik Dosha in every possible way. They help you get rid of the Indian superstition and the truth of society.

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