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Remedies for the success in Government Jobs.

Well, we all study hard during our school and college days for what? To get a good job and settle in life! But given the present scenario finding one is very difficult. And if it has to be a government job then it gets all the more tougher. According to career report vedic astrology, 3 planets have to be positive namely the sun, moon and the planet Mars.

Basic Steps to get a job that you can follow on a daily basis is worshipping the Sun first thing you wake up in the morning. But if you are looking out for Government Job in particular then according to career prediction by date of birth indian astrology you need the basic support and positive influence of four planets namely Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars on the 10th house.

Planets and its effects

Sun being the centre of the planets is of prime importance here and hence stands for power which in turn stands for government. Sun also stands to give fame and recognition in any career field. So when it comes to government job prediction the first thing to be taken into account is the Sun and it has to be the Amatyakaraka Planet.

For attaining a promotion, you need to keep away obstacles and hindrances. It is very important to keep the planet sun’s effect positive. There is importance of career prediction by date of birth in Indian astrology. One should definitely pray to lord Surya. He is the responsible planet to get govt job. One should offer water and some flowers to him every day. It is not that difficult to be successful in govt job. Only a little prayer and constant hardwork compensates always.

The planet which is taken second into account is the Saturn which is an overall indicator in career field. It also stands for service and hence it has to be dominant in your Kundali to have a progressive career. The next planet which is important for Government job prediction is moon. Moon is very prominent in the carter field and it supports the sun.

For government officials and bureaucrats this planet has to be very prominent in their Kundali to reach great heights and achieve success in the field. Along with these planets, Mars also plays an important role in government jobs which are service oriented like teaching or military. To gain success in this sector you need to have a dominant role of the planet Mars in your house.

Houses and its effects

Houses which play an important part in career report vedic astrology for getting a government job are the 10th house, 6th house and the 11th house. All these houses are associated in playing an effective role in the field of career associated with the government and its services.

Keeping all the details in mind and calculating your government yog in Kundali based on the relationship of your house with Lagna and other lords you can make alterations to your career life. The lord Lagna when it comes together with the lords of the houses of 1, 10, 9, 6 or 11th house is a great combination for a leading successful career. Lagna lord in a constant relationship with planets like the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter is a good for Government jobs.

You can now turn to career astrology career calculators for knowing all the details. Now all that you need to worry about is when will i get job astrology calculator.

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