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kundali matching

Problem and Remedies in Kundali Matching

Matching of kundalis is a very important pre-requisite for one of the biggest decisions in life –
marriage! However, at the time of matching kundali’s there are several problems that can come
up. This becomes a very big issue, especially in the case of love matches, when the partners are
keen to get together.

In astrology Ashtakoot milan is done to test the compatibility at all levels for the partners. At
least 18 of the 36 gunas should match in order to be considered as a green signal for marriage.
If the matching gunas are below 18, then they are said to be poorly matched.

So, what are the next steps?

Detailed Consultation with an astrologer
If the kundali does not match, consultation with an experienced astrologer is certainly
recommended to get the upayas (solutions) of the doshas (problems). Astrology may give you
the solution to tie the knot with a particular person, even if your kundalis do not match.

Common Problems in kundali matching
•    The usual problems could be due to the influence of malefic planets, pitru dosh,
•    influence of shani, rahu etc who may cause obstacles.
•    The position of Guru in the charts is also important and has to be analysed.
•    Some of the common doshas observed are Nadi, Bhakoot or Koot Milan Doshas 

Kundali’s don’t match? Connect via telephone with our expert astrologers to get a detailed

Remedies for dosha in kundali matching
It is important to take care of doshas or problems that can lead to an unhappy married life.
Therefore, one must be willing to perform the remedies and take the precautionary steps to
ward off the negative effects and results.
•    Specific poojas
•    Japa of various mantras
•    Yantra worship
•    Performing daan and observing vrat
•    mantra japa to set up specific vibrations
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