What kundali can tell about children in your chart by date of birth.

What kundali can tell about children in your chart by date of birth.

Marriage is a union of two people and their happiness grows no bounds when they are blessed with a child. Usually, couples are curious about when they will give birth to a child and then they turn towards Child Birth astrologyThe horoscope of the couple is seen by the astrologer and then on study of the horoscopes, the astrologer is able to predictChild Yog in the Kundli.

Prospects of a Child in Your Kundli

To know more about the Yoga of having a child according to child astrology, the horoscopes of both the parents are studied especially the fifth house and it lord which are both equally important.  When the ascendant lord is present in the fifth house or the fifth house lord is in the ascendant house or fifth house is present in the Kendra and Trikon house, then prospects of a good child are seen as per baby astrology.  Certain positions of the planets in the horoscope, can help know what kind of yogas are created in the horoscope for bearing a progeny.

Suppose the Fifth House Lord is found placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or is weak or if in sign of enemy planet or if the fifth house or its Lord is afflicted, even if there are chances of bearing a child, the child is born with difficulty.

Suppose Ninth house Lord is in the ascendant house but the fifth house lord is weak and if planets like Ketu or mercury are present in the fifth house, there are remedies like chanting mantra and proper treatment to beget children.

Suppose Saturn is situated in either sign like Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces in the fifth house of horoscope and Jupiter is also present in it, then such a person has adopted children.

When the Ascendant house Lord is related with Mars and the Fifth house Lord of the horoscope is present in the sixth house, the person may have problem with the first child.

Planet associated with Childbirth and Astrology

Jupiter: is the main planet for child birth astrology predictions in the horoscope.  When Jupiter is placed in a strong position in the horoscope it promotes birth of children.  Strongly placed Jupiter, Jupiter being placed in a friendly sign or when Jupiter is associated with the fifth house it gives prospects of a good child.

Venus: This planet is the one which tells about the sperm count in the male partner’s body and the seminal fluid in the female partner’s body. Venus should not have any influence of the malefic planets Rahu or Ketu.

Prediction when will i get pregnant

As discussed earlier, according to Childbirth prediction in kundli for pregnancy astrology, it is the study of the Fifth house and its Lord which is important to know about getting pregnant in the woman’s horoscope.  When the fifth house or its Lord is not strong, or if malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are associated with this house, problems are there in getting pregnant and in childbirth. Other houses studied in the horoscope for Child birth and Astrology are:

First House and its Lord:  Suppose there are some bad effects on the Lagna or its Lord, the woman’s health may be affected. If the Lagna is strong, it is indication of good health and desire of achievement in the female horoscope.

Ninth House and its Lord:  In Child astrology, ninth house is considered as it is the fifth from the fifth house in the horoscope. Jupiter has to be well placed without any ill effects of malefic planets.

Seventh House and its Lord:  This house is responsible in child birth astrology calculator as it gives details about the spouse in the horoscope. It malefic planets like Saturn or mercury are associated with this house, it can give impotency in either the man or the woman.

Eighth house and its Lord:  This house in the horoscope according to baby astrology represents the male and female sexual parts.  If malefic planets like Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are associated with this house, they lead to a decrease in the working capacity of the sexual parts and gives rise to impotency and a major reason for not getting pregnant easily.

These are some of the main reasons for difficulty in getting pregnant and childbirth according to delay in child birth astrology.

For remedies in delay in child birth astrology, feel free to contact our experienced astrologers associated with our website.

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