How Astrology Can Help To Predict Marriage Timing by Date of Birth.

How Astrology Can Help To Predict Marriage Timing by Date of Birth

Marriage Astrology

As soon as the individual is settled in his job or business after completion of education, the next phase in life is marriage. So the elders in the family usually are interested in knowing the period which is good for the marriage of the individual. That’s when they turn to marriage astrology which is the science of study of the planets at the time of birth.  

Today, with advance in technology and easy access to the internet, most people turn to using online web tools like the marriage prediction calculator where on entering details of time and date of birth of a person, calculations are done astrologically and results are obtained. 

How is this marriage life prediction done? A study of the planets and their positions at the time of birth is done in marriage astrology. So let’s have a short look how this study is done.


There are six-time cycles during which period a person can get married. The best time cycle for a person to get married is indicated by the position of the planets in the main house of marriage which is the 7th House in the horoscope. So we need to study carefully the relationship of this house with the main planet for marriage Venus, under the Dasha and Antardasha to get the right time for marriage. Thus, the 7th House and its Lord are important for marriage prediction by date of birth.  This can be done by our expert astrologers.

The 8th House is 2nd from the 7th House so it tells us about the stability and sustenance of the marriage. It also tells about the physical relationship. Usually, 2nd house tells about the family and relatives. As marriage is also a connection of two families, this house is important to let us know when marriage will take place. Another important house in astrology is 11th House as it relates to gain, our social circle, fulfilment of desire. It has to be remembered that 11th Lord blessing has to be there to gain anything.

But first, we need to calculate if marriage is destined for the individual in his horoscope before doing a marriage life prediction. So, if according to planetary placement if Marriage yoga is not present, it makes no sense in time prediction for marriage. Thus, the horoscope need to be studied well to see that there is no denial of marriage.


Two important planets which give marriage in their Dasha and Antardasha without seeing their Lordship or placement are Venus and Rahu.

The planet Venus is the natural significator for marriage and relationship.  So if the Dasha or Antardasha is running at the marriageable age of the individual it gives marriage. So also if the Dasha or Antardasha the planet Rahu is running at marriageable age, it gives marriage.

At the same time there is another important planet which tells about time for your marriage which is known as Darakaraka planet or DK.

Navamsa chart: 

This is one of the main divisional charts which need to be checked for marriage.

  • The period of Antardasha of Navamsa Lagna Lord – The rising period of the Navamsa Lord plays a significant role in marriage life prediction

  • The 7th House Lord of the Navamsa chart can give marriage in its period.

  • Also it is necessary to check the 6-8 relation in Navamsa of Dasha and Bhukti Lord while predicting marriage timing.

  • The position of the 7th Lord from the rashi chart has to be studied in the Navamsa chart. If it is well placed, it gives marriage and is it is afflicted by planets Saturn or Rahu, it gives delayed marriage and obstacles too.

  • Also the 7th Lord of Navamsa should not be weak in the rashi chart.

Principles that are checked for Marriage Time Prediction

  • The 7th House Lord from Lagna or the Moon would give marriage in its period.

  • The 7th Lord Dispositor gives marriage during its period.

  • Planets posited in the 7th House from the ascendant or Moon or Navamsa Lagna is indicative of marriage in that period

  • Planets in aspect with the 7th House from Lagna or navamsa lagna also give marriage

  • The House Lord where the 7th Lord is posited n Navamsha also gives marriage in its Dasha Antardasha

  • Period of 2nd Lord also gives marriage

  • Marriage can take place in the Dasha/Antardasha of Rahu or Venus.

  • Marriage can take place in the Dasha/Antardasha of 7th Lord from Venus.

  • The Lagna or ascendant is the 7th House from the 7th. So marriage can take place in the period of Ascendant Lord

  • Marriage can take place in the Dasha/Antardasha when the Lords of the 7th and 2nd House are related in any way.

Analysis of marriage can also be done as per Jaimini astrology. It is also important to consider transits of planet when marriage prediction by date of birth is done. For more details on marriage time prediction, do not hesitate to contact our expert astrologers.

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