Planetary Combination For Extra Marital Affair in Birth Chart

Planetary Combination For Extra Marital Affair in Birth Chart

Being spouse is among the most sacred bonds that two individuals can share. It stands out as one of the most challenging relationships to sustain in life. In the contemporary world, marriage often results from either a romantic connection or an arranged alliance. Regardless of the duration two individuals have known each other, the potential for extramarital affairs is ever-present. This probability has notably surged in recent times due to widespread internet access and heightened social exposure, particularly for women. The pervasive desire to attain something superior to others has emerged as a significant factor driving individuals towards engaging in marital affairs.

Planets for Extra-Marital Affairs in Kundli


This unconventional viewpoint emphasizes the significance of the north node of the Moon, the fictitious planet known as Rahu. Rahu, which denotes an antisocial aspect and an unorthodox attitude, is crucial for assessing adultery. Therefore, this misty planet signifies obsession, mischief, dread, confusion, lying, deceit, and unfulfilled wishes – all associated with extra-marital affairs or infidelity.


The Moon, the planet in charge of your feelings and emotions, is the second critical planet to keep an eye on. It rules the instinctive sensation and intuition that prompts everyone to act. An emotionally unstable individual may ride the wave of their emotions if the Moon in their birth chart is weak, leading to extra-marital relationships.


The prince charming of astrology is said to be Mercury, the planet of intellect. It gives the natives a young mentality, providing a good possibility of drawing the opposite sex like a magnet. However, it can also lead to hiding the connection from others outside of it.


The star of the birth chart is the scorching planet Mars, symbolizing strong character, bravery, and excitement. In a post-marital affair, sexual power and desire are what natives observe when being governed by this factor.


Venus, the planet of romance and love, represents wealth and pleasure, aesthetic beauty, and worldly pleasures, including sexual appetites. It is the most important motivator in any exotic relationship and is in charge of the excitement and appeal of romantic love.

The key planets to watch for extra-sexual connections after marriage are Rahu, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. The placement, aspect, and conjunction of these planets in the 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses, also known as the houses of carnal desires (kama sthana), should be considered. In the 5th house of love affairs, the 7th house of marriage and relationships, the 8th house of secrecy, or the 12th house of bed pleasures.

Houses for Extra-Marital Affairs in Kundli

With the zodiac signs, there are many houses responsible for extra-marital affairs in the horoscope of a person.

3rd House

The third house, governing extramarital relationships in astrology, is a component of the desire trine (kama trikona). It represents efforts, strength, and courage that motivate someone to defy societal conventions, strongly indicating extra-marital affairs when connected to other crucial houses or planets.

4th House

The fourth house provides a window into general well-being and prosperity. If there is no love or sex in a relationship, the person may find romance elsewhere, especially due to malefic planet influences.

5th House

The fifth house is the key house to look at for any form of a love connection in a birth chart. Its Lord and planets positioned in this house provide insight into the mind and imagination, and romantic endeavors, showing how one desires to get courted and potential partners.

7th House

This house governs dignity and connection, becoming crucial when predicting someone’s involvement in extramarital activities. Malefic presence and influence can cause issues in marriage and potential affairs.

8th House

The eighth house is associated with secrecy and mystery, potentially leading to issues in marriage and secret relations.

9th House

The house of moral rectitude, if influenced by Rahu, Mars, or Saturn, may lead to extra-marital affairs. The placement of Rahu with Jupiter or in a trine to it can also confuse and agitate the native, raising the likelihood of extra-marital affairs.

11th House

The eleventh house is typically the house of profits and accomplishments, and if linked to houses or planets of relationships, it also contains gains in such connections. It denotes adulterous relationships in astrology, intensifying peculiar instincts.

12th House

The twelfth house, associated with secrecy, mystery, and bed delights, represents sexual delights and buried fantasies. It indicates emotional, bondless sexual engagement and the potential shift towards spirituality.

Astrological Remedies for Extra-Marital Affairs

Just like everything else, Vedic astrology also offers astrological remedies to get rid of extra-marital affairs.

1. If you have a secret love dosh in your Kundli, spread kumkum on the side of the bed where your spouse sleeps. Apply the same kumkum on your forehead the next morning while reciting the name of Maa Parvati.

2. Wear yellow on Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, representing wisdom and deterring from the wrong path.

3. Burn camphor in your room before going to bed.

4. Write the name of the person your spouse is having an affair with on lotus (makhana) seeds and burn them to relieve your spouse from outside associations.

5. Write the name of the person on paper and make a cross on it as an astrological remedy to end the extra-marital affair.

6. Visit Durga Mandir thrice a week, preferably walking barefoot. Wear red bangles and chant the mantra.

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