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Pitradosh(What is Pitra Dosha, Cause, Effects and Remedies)

According to Hindu mythology and vedas we human have to experience the fruit of bad karmas done by our forefathers till the prevention. According to experienced Astrologers, every individual’s horoscope tells a story about his or her pitra dosh.

Pitro Dosh or Ancestral Karmas play a very important role in shaping our life.

In case the native doesn’t do Shraad and pind daan and therefore the family members of the native suffers and they struggle for every little things in life. 

However sometimes we wonder how come our own fore fathers be angry with us or make us suffer or punish us for any reason? 

Well!  We must understand this based on a scientific reason "Genetics". Just like the genetic disease come from father or mother to their son or daughter similarly one has to bear the cost of karmas done by his or her father in their life either its good or bad.  It is called as Pitra dosh.

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To make it more simpler,  we often think that in spite of working hard  making all efforts giving our 100 % at work, relationships, family , business we still are unable to meet our expectations or are not fully satisfied with our life. This might sound very philosophical to most of us however; it is a deep-rooted spiritual concept that has been studied by the learned astrologers.

As we, all believe in Karma we must also believe in rebirth. Those who understand this agrees that souls of our deceased family members must be resting in peace and in case are not resting the evil deeds or sins which they might have committed in their past ,present knowingly or unknowingly is a debt on their present family members which must be cleared or addressed for a peaceful and fortunate life.

Pitra Dosh is formed or visible when Sun the planet is placed with Rahu in the ninth house of the Kundali or birth chart of the person.

 Effects of Pitra Dosh

Often we make our best efforts or walk the extra miles to make our life smooth and successful but despite all the hard work we still remain baffled to experience unavoidable obstacles in our daily life and as a result, we are unable to meet our desires and fulfill our dreams.

We always end up blaming our Luck, lack of good fortune or complain to the almighty. This is the moment we must consciously get aware about our Pitra Dosh .

Now, by effects, we mean the problems or the obstacles people face in their daily life is due to the presence of Pitra dosh in their kundali.

These effects can be:

*  Obstacles in education, slow growth in career or delayed promotion in office,

    Loosing job frequently or no improvement in finance. This could be in one’s own

    life or in the upcoming generation.

* Delayed in marriage. No matter how hard ones tries and make all efforts to find the right match they are unable to. There will be times when things will be out of control and nothing related to the relationship will materialise.

* Pitra Dosh leads to unfavourable situation or environment in the family. Husband and wife will always fight or have arguments on   small issues.

* People or family having Pitra Dosh will suffer from many diseases. The members of the family will have health issues physical or   mental. There are times family have a mentally challenged baby or they often find their offspring facing health challenges.

* Sometimes we see couples without children or unable to conceive or from the time of birth the newborn is suffering from acute      disease. This is a sign of Pitra Dosh in either of the couples’ kundali.

* Family having financial crises. Members of the family are always facing financial Scarcity and despite of working hard and             making all efforts the flow of money is very slow.In such circumstance, a person will not be able to get any success no matter         how good the work or business is.

* Sometimes even established business owned and managed by the generations face sudden challenges in their work and suffers   a huge loss. Sometimes recovering is next to impossible. This is due to the presence of Pitra Dosh.

* The presence of pitra dosh makes members go through obstacles and sometimes the children have to bear the fruit of their own   deeds as well their fore fathers. It’s karmic and one has to suffer for years after years.

* Absence of descendant in the family or repeated miscarriage.

* Another important aspect is when family members either husband, wife, children or parents might see Snake in their dreams or     about their fore fathers asking for food, water and clothes. Such dreams talks about the Pitra or Karmic Dosh created in our past.

Now, the question is what should one do to remove the Dosh or lessen the karmic effects.

Remedies to remove or Lessen the Pitra Dosh .

By following the below remedies one can remove or lessen the Pitra Dosh to a great extent,

  • By Performing “Pindi” Shraad
  • By completing Shraad on the date when our ancestors have expired
  • By giving water to Banyan Tree
  • During the month of Shraad one must offer water to their ancestors for 15 days regularly.
  • One must offer food, water and clothes in a temple on the day of Amavasya.
  •  Family members must follow the monthly “Poornima” and Amavasya  and offer food and water to god in their home as well in some temple.
  • Also during the time of Mahalaya, each members of the family must visit the temple of take bath in Ganges praying for the soul of their deceased family members to rest in peace.
  • Give a donation or Daan to Brahmin in the name of their forefathers.
  • Family suffering from Pitra Dosh must observe Shraad and with full respect must perform the rituals for blessings from their ancestors.
  • Chant Mantras of Devi Kali and perform puja in Poornima.

Above are few remedies one can follow however, there can be more and different remedies which can be predicted once the kundali or horoscope is studied by the astrologers.

At a larger picture, it is always advisable to believe in Karma. Do good deeds through words , action and even in thoughts. Once we start doing, good the effects of our Pitra Dosh will surely reduce and the soul of our ancestors will be at peace.

In the same way, one must do the Shraad . It is in this month Pitras are very sure about their children and that’s why they come to their door and expects offering of food and water. The ritual must be done with full respect and love to get blessings of his or her forefather.

Accept and create a good life style to sever your elders and receive their blessings.

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