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Numerology: Calculate marriage compatibility

Are you in love? Love is a wonderful feeling that changes you for the better. The one you have chosen as your partner seems the best person in the world. You see everything with rose coloured glasses. With time, relationships go through struggles which may alter the nature and strength of the bond.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two individuals. You may have doubts and
concerns about the future compatibility with your partner. With the divorce rates rising, Indian Numerology provides the perfect solution. Numbers can influence your life events.

     Marriage Prediction Calculator

Each number actually denotes each of the nine planets and has special characteristics. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses as a couple helps you make a better decision. The weaknesses can be worked upon if you are willing to make the effort.

Name and birthdate numerology method is a simple yet effective way. All you have to do is tell the full name and full birth date including month and year to get a detailed analysis of the couple compatibility. The analysis comes in percentage of compatibility followed by a textual description. It is that simple!

Detail subcategory analysis is also done apart from the overall compatibility. Subcategories like life path compatibility, heart’s desire compatibility, maturity compatibility etc. will be given for specific concerns.

How does it work?

● Each letter of the alphabet is denotes a number. For example, a,i, j, q,y denotes 1
and b,k,r denoted no. 2

● Each letter is substituted with the corresponding number. The numbers are summed. If the total is more than one digit, the digits of the initial sum are added to get a single digit answer. For example, Ravi Kumar = 2 +1+6+1+ 2+6+4+1+2 = 24 ; 2+4= 6.

● Yes it is that easy to get your name number. You can do the same with date of birth.

● For example, 21-03- 1990 = 2+1+0+3+1+9+9+0 = 25. 2+5=7 . Sometimes only the
date of the month is used to know the birth number.

Is this used only for marriage partners?

No, Numerology compatibility has a wide range of applications. In fact, the individuals don't even have to be intimate. Compatibility between uncommitted relationships and business partners can be predicted using name and date of birth numerology.

Lucky name Numerology is used to assess the name compatibility, decide the name of the partners and change if you want for a good marriage.

Will the assessment take long?

No. The assessment is quick. Many websites also offer free advice. The answers are quite instant. Some sites will provide detailed date of birth numerology analysis on payment. So it is up to you to decide whether you want a quick overview or a detailed report.

Birth numbers

Add up the date of birth to get the birth number. Like 21st adds up to 2+1=3. So the birth number is 3 for the fictitious Ravi given above.

Birth number 1

If you have a birth number 1, you are likely to have a good marriage but finding a partner is difficult for you. You want a like minded intellect who can share your passions.
Best compatibility with birth numbers 4 and 8
Avoid birth numbers 1, 7,9

Birth number 2

You are cold and less passionate.
Best compatibility with 3,4,6,7,8
Avoid numbers 4,8 as they may dominate you very much and give you no freedom in life.

Birth number 3

You are passionate and likely to marry early.
Best compatibility with 3, 9
Avoid numbers 1, 5, 6, 7

Birth number 4

You will have a good family life with many children. You will sacrifice for your partner when
Best compatibility with 1,4, 8
Avoid 2 and 3

Birth number 5

You will have a strong affection between your partner. The bond will support in financial and vocational issues.
Best compatibility with 1,3,6,9
Avoid 5 as it may lead to a childless marriage

Birth number 6

You will have a happy marriage with low chance of divorce. More likely to have a daughter.
Best compatibility with 1,4,9
Avoid numbers 6,3

Birth number 7

You are not made for marriage. You must remain single for the sake of happiness.
Best compatibility with 2,4
Avoid numbers 7, 8

Birth number 8

You have less desire to get married and prefer loneliness. It is best to choose someone who is studious and serious.
Best compatibility with 1,4
Avoid numbers 2,7,9

Birth number 9

You are passionate and will be fond of your kids. You also have a good sexual appetite.
Best compatibility with 3,6
Avoid numbers 2,7,8
                          Kundali Matching
A brief overview of the characteristic of each birth number can guide you to a harmonious
married life. It is great to love but even better when you are loved in return. Remember to
respect each other. Keep working on your weaknesses and enjoy the strengths.

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