Not able to Focus on work - Astrology Guidance can help

Concentration has always been an issue with many individuals. No matter how hard they try, somehow they are unable to focus on their work, daily routine, studies, reading, health or even watching a movie.

In past one of my very close friends was suffering for not being able to focus on anything.  Distraction was her company for couple of years and it was taking a toll on her. She got into a tendency to hop from task to task, idea to idea, in ability to sustain any conversation at a length and a constant urge to rush.

This tendency was getting into her behaviour and she started to suffer. Consciously she made an effort to observe herself and wanted to get solutions to this problem. She consulted an astrologer and then life changed!

Astrology gave her the root cause and made her path easier.

Well, I guess she is not the only one who has been going through this tuff time, millions of people find themselves unable to focus at work, constantly pulled by the demand and distractions that have been a part of their daily routine.

Now the challenge is how one focuses, even when it seems impossible.  

Most of the people give reason to their modern life, too much of task in hand to be completed, too many deadlines to meet, no new agenda in life and some people have a low threshold to thinking. We live in the world of teeming bad news so we often make choices to move away from everything. The point am making here is we all must look deeper into the problem. People suffering from not being able to focus must look into their selves and see what their productivity is overall; they must be observant and conscious about their daily behaviour. Check what their vulnerability is and combine with their practical solutions. Most of the people these days suffering are because of the technology. They are occupied with gadgets and end up doing few things in a day.

Now how does Astrology works in such cases?

Based on the birth chart it is very much evident about a person’s general nature or behaviour. One can read their thought process, desires and aspirations too. Similarly, Vedic astrology can read the mind of a person based on the horoscope.

Below few points will help you to understand what Astrology,

If the problem is relating to moon, Jupiter or mercury then even if the person tries to focus, mind will not support.

They will forget what they read, they will always be tensed, sleep less, or even if they read with full focus they will not understand.

If the person is not able to do good in studies or concentrate on their curriculum then in that case Saturn and Rahu are responsible.

Well, the birth chart sometimes are made with such planetary positions that despite of working so hard individuals are unable to meet their desire results.

Astrology has provided with some common remedies for such issues however, every birth chart also has different remedies based on their natal /stars.

*You can do mediation; do gayatri yagna on Sunday or Thursday. One has to sit focusing east side giving 21 aahuti

* You can worship lord Ganesha   and wear 3 copper coins on Wednesday

*You can flow surgham in water on Saturday, wear iron ring in middle finger

*You can keep blue colour crystal on your study table, or keep Prism on study table.

* Make sure to sleep early and keep one away from all kinds of technology

* Donate silver by yourself to get peace in mind

* Offer milk for 11 Mondays.

* Wear rudraaksh beads or drink from a rudraaksh vessel.

Astrology says, if the Sun is weak, it causes the work span/study time to be very short as the student is unable to focus for a long time.  If the Moon is not placed with the right partner , then the mind will keep wondering and the student or any person will not be able to complete any task.

These are common; however, every individual can have customized remedies based on their horoscope. An astrologer will read every planet’s position since birth and would guide the client accordingly. The process might be slow but it is beneficial for a long term.  

So, if you are going through this problem, simply get in touch with a Vedic astrologer with your horoscope and get solutions to your problems that hinder your daily routine and making you weak. It is a science that deals with planets who plays significant role in our lives and we must have faith in them.

Let not poor concentration be a hindrance for your career or studies.

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