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Myths and Facts about Astrology

Astrology is considered as the divination influenced by the changing positions of the planets and stars affecting the human affairs. In simple terms, astrology believes that it is the planets and the stars that lead to troubles and happiness among individuals, and not the signs that are located behind the sun when a person is born.

In the astrological world, the Zodiac signs are just symbols and metaphors dividing the entire year into 12 equal seasons. This partition is done on the basis of night and day occurring throughout the year. Astrology has been in existence for over 3,000 years and is also known as the ‘elder sister of the psychology.

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While there are numerous interesting books on Astrology, but if you wish to quickly know about some of the top myths and facts about astrology, then here we list them for you. These myths and facts about astrology are based on intense and in-depth research and study performed by expert astrologers over the years.

  1. Astrology Believes Moon to be a Pre-dominant Factor Influencing the Human Horoscopes

According to expert astrologers, the moon is believed to play a strong role in influencing the human body. As per them the human body is similar to an ocean and just like the water waves affect the moon body. Similarly, the water affects the human body. The great thing is that there is even a supported document proof for the same that supports the theory of moon affecting the human behavior. So, if you experience regular mood swings, then this could be due to bad moon condition.

        2. 1/3rd of the Population in America and India believe in Astrology

Just like other concepts, astrology has its own theories and practices. Most of these theories are strongly supported by proven facts. Even, over the years, there have been numerous examples known to gain success due to astrology. Astrology is one of the largely prevailed concepts in the society, and its knowledge is absolutely unavoidable. As a result, there is a large population in the Asian and America countries that believe in astrology and even follow it religiously.

        3. The Concept of Astrology was developed in Mesopotamia by the Babylonians

Astrology was first developed in Mesopotamia, which is the cradle of civilization according to the cosmic clock. As such there are no factual results that Aries begin on March 21st. According to the ancient men and women, they consider Ram to be a symbol of Aries representing the initiation of spring. So, on the basis of these concepts and facts, Aries got a symbol that is almost close in resemblance to the Ram.

         4.  Greece, India, and China were the first Countries to Follow Astrology    

         5. Stars have their Own Qualities and Elements

You must have heard about the four elements – Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. But besides these, there are other star signs having qualities, like Mutable, Fixed, and Cardinal. The Cardinal signs are Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer, which are linked to the four seasons during the year. There are other fixed signs, such as Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius that are considered to be steady, stubborn, and strong. The other mutable signs are Virgo,

Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius that are linked to communication and high flexibility. Astrology follows the zodiac based on these signs

         6. Planets can Make for A Healthy Relationship

According to the astrologers, there are few combinations of planets and their movements that result in differences in Janam Kundli. Even the movement of the planets can result in the occurrence of happiness and problems in their horoscope. When there are transitions and movements of the planets, then this will lead to various issues within their horoscope, which will eventually affect the day to day life of a human being.

         7. Practicing Good Deeds can Please the Planetsastrology/online-marriage-predictionman

If you are suffering from any minor or major problem, then this can be due to displeased planets and constellations. As a result, most of the astrological remedies are based on either performing practices to please the planets or to please to Lords associated to these planets.  So, if you religiously follow good deeds, and adopt remedies suggested by expert astrologers, then you can combat all kinds of obstacles and troubles from your life and live a healthy and wealthy life.

         8. Kepler is the First College that Offered Degree in Astrology

The Kepler College of Arts and Astrological Sciences in Seattle, United States, is the very first University in the entire Western Hemisphere to grant a degree in astrology subject. They began the first course of astrology in 2000. Even the Institute was named after Johannes Kepler, who was a famous astrologer and a prestigious mathematician belonging to the German Origin. The astrology course educates students about the movement of various planets and constellations and how they can affect human beings.

         9. According to Astrologers, the Birth Time and Name are the Most Important Factors to Determine a Person’s Traits and Character

Now you must have known that why few people change their names or add an additional alphabet, or why it is only your birth time and location are enough t jot down your entire horoscope. According to astrology, the birth time is a magic time, which brings a new beginning to an individual’s life. The birth time and location for each individual is unique, and hence, this is what that makes even lives of the individuals unique. Also, even if two persons have the same name, still their birth time and place will always differ. So, if you have any query regarding your astrological horoscope, then make sure you provide the astrologer with your unique birth time and location.

        10. Even Famous People Believe in Astrology

Julius II, Obama, Pope Paul III, Leo X, Sixtus IV, and more such famous personalities strongly believe in Astrology.

So, there are some interesting and true facts about astrology. Reading them would have helped you understand the significance and power of astrology. If you have any problems related to your love, career, marriage prediction, children, health, or any other aspect, then call an expert astrologer now and seek the best solution.

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