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What are the Most Important Aspects Man Looks in a Woman for Marriage? How Can You Tell About these Qualities Astrologically?

You are attracted towards someone, but not sure that whether he is the right person to marry or not? Marriage has always been a sensitive subject, especially for the parents and all they are looking for is finding not just the right, but the best person for their daughter.

There were times when the Kings used to conduct swayamvars to select a rightful husband for their princess. But times have evolved, but the sensitivity related to this subject remains the same. So, how can you identify whether a person is fit for you or not?

Well, the solution is marriage astrology! Yes, just like other imperative subjects in life, astrology can help you know all positives and negatives about a person you want to marry. Moreover, astrology can let you know what men look in women for marriage.

So, let’s dig into the details of how astrology can help you know the likings and disliking of a man in a woman for marriage.

Venus Position in the Man’s Chart – The Ruling King!

As per expert astrologers, the position of Venus in the natal chart can greatly influence the preferences of a man in a woman for marriage. The planet Venus is about love, romance, and attraction. Presence of Venus greatly influences the likes and dislikes of a person. So, what a man will like in a woman to get married and even the marriage prediction is greatly influenced by the presence of Venus in the astrological chart.

Venus in Aries

These types of men are attracted to tomboyish women. They prefer women who have an athletic person and straightforward. Women who have an extremely shy and sensitive nature may fail to attract such personalities. A strong and independent woman is preferred by such men.

Venus in Gemini

If you are an intelligent woman filled with liveliness, then you can successfully attract such men. Besides gorgeous looks, the other traits that impress such men are strong yet slim appearance, good style sense, and high intelligence.

Venus in Leo

Men having Venus in Leo in their astrological chart are attracted to women who are outgoing, proud, and even gaudy. Women with a confident and dignified aura best suit them. Even they enjoy women having a good sense of fashion and jewelry. So, if you are confident, bold, and freaky personality, then definitely you will be able to impress such men.

Venus in Virgo

Simple, understated, and ostentatiousness, if you have these traits, then definitely you can attract men with Venus in Virgo of their marriage horoscope. Such men prefer female of clean, healthy, and appealing personalities. A certain amount of intelligence and a sensible approach to life will work like an added bonus.

Venus in Scorpio

Sensual and appeal, men with Venus in Scorpio are attracted towards women who have high intensity of sensuality and mystery. You need to have that magical allure and exotic charm to win the men falling in this category.

Venus in Capricorn

Men with their Venus in Capricorn prefer women who have an appealing and charming aura. Such men always have a soft corner for women with classy appearance and highly ambitious towards their career. In some situations, they may even fall for women of older age who have achieved a lot of success in their professional life.

Venus in Pisces

Soft, gentle, and sweet, Piscean men with Venus in their marital horoscope prefer women who are gentle to others and have a sweet nature. Even if you lack confidence, but have a sweet and tender nature, still you can impress a Piscean man with ease.

Venus in Aquarius

Women with a unique style and high level of intelligence can attract such men with ease. If you are intelligent then this will be an added bonus to your men.

Venus in Sagittarius

Happy, energetic, lively, and fun-filled, you need to have all these traits to attract a Sagittarius man with Venus in his marriage astrology. In addition to this, you need to be robust, clean, and must always be well-groomed.

Venus in Libra

Good manners, charming face, and understanding are the few traits that impress such men. Rudeness and proud are characteristics that can actually be a big turn off for them.

Venus in Cancer

These men are attracted towards women with high ambitions in their career, beautiful appearance, and feminine looks. They like women with innocence and avoid engaging to women with high aggression, loudness, and proudness.

Venus in Taurus

Besides having a calm, patience, and feminine appearance, these men hunt for women with an hourglass figure. They prefer women who are sweet and are more on the traditional side.

Besides Venus, the presence of Moon in the marriage astrology of a woman can help identify the levels of warmth and comfort a man has with a woman. So, if you still have confusions, then the best way is to ask the experts and get best solutions to your problems!

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