Ancient and proved Answers from Vedas for all life problems

These days we see a good number of people turning towards Vedas to solve their life problems related to health, career, marriage, etc. Let us see, why it is so intriguing that people are finding solace in Vedas. They are following the remedies given in them to lead a peaceful and harmonious life.

Veda is a large body of knowledge texts that are found in the ancient Indian Subcontinent. It is written in Vedic Sanskrit during the Vedic period (Iron Age India), and is one of the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. There are four types of Vedas: The Rigveda, The Yajurveda, The Samaveda, and The Atharvaveda.

Rig Veda: It is the book of mantras. It contains all the oldest Sanskrit mantras which were composed by poets from different priestly groups over a period of several centuries. Various aspects of Vedic Science such as yoga, meditation, and mantra, etc., can be found in the Rig Veda.

So, what is compelling the majority of people to practice yoga, Vastu, and astrology? Well, the Science behind these Vedic rituals are strong enough to offer results that last a life time.

People these days are dealing with different kinds of problems whether it’s relationship, career, health, or life in general. With such great knowledge imparted by our ancestors, it becomes easy to analyse and tackle them.

Vastu: Vastu Shastra for instance, is a traditional concept mentioned in the Rig Veda, which literally translates to “Science of Architecture”. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Vasathi” which means comfort, and related to the correct proportion and position of the eight directions i.e., E, W, N, S, NE, SE, SW, NW. It significantly influences the lives of people living or working in a premises, negatively or positively.

Vastu Shastra is the Science of arranging these elements in a way to bring prosperity and peace to one’s life. Although, there are various factors that governs one’s life such as fate and karma. However, Vastu does play an important role and many a times can correct certain problems.

Let’s look at some of them:

1. Lack of interest in education

2. Stagnation if family member’s life

3. Lack of good opportunities in regard to work, studies, & marriage

4. Problems related to mental and physical health

Note: A working professional must follow the Vastu rules for a better and growth oriented career.

Astrology: Astrology is another Vedic Science that is taking the people by storm. It is the study of the movements of celestial objects that affect human affairs and terrestrial affairs. It uses a set of rules about the relative positions and movements of heavenly stars to generate future prediction of events.

For instance, if a person is suffering from financial difficulties due to the change in planetary positions, then he/she can seek professional help from astrologers to overcome that problem. However, there are times when astrology alone cannot predict a certain outcome.

Those are the times when many other spiritual or Vastu related issues are taken into consideration. As we all know, our destiny is very much influenced by our karma.

Ayurveda: Unlike astrology and Vastu, Ayurveda is widely recognised and followed. It is a traditional system of medicines incorporated in Atharva Veda. It is a holistic wellness system that is based on the idea of balanced body and mind. The application of diets, herbal treatments and meditation is emphasized and integrated together which procures best results.

People these days are moving towards Ayurveda because of its long-term effects. According to Ayurveda one should follow a proper diet and balanced lifestyle to increase longevity and health. There are many instances where people found relief in Ayurveda and follow it passionately.

Since people these days want to lead a holistic life, Vedas and its teachings do help them to achieve just that. After all, who does not want to live a peaceful and balanced life?

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