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If Matchmaking Would Guarantee You A Happy Married Life Then Why There Is The Rise In Trouble In Paradise.

Marriages are termed as one of most pious relation which involves two individuals who mutually decide to spend their remaining life with each other. When a discussion of marriage takes place then every girl or boy has the certain expectation from their future partner, so they can lead a blissful life. It is said that husband and wife complete each other, so they look for the life partner who is as same as them in various aspects.

On a general basis few are given below expectation before selecting a life partner:-

  • Emotional Connect: This is one of the major factor for which the to be couple look forward, as if your partner is not emotionally available to you then the major difference which comes in front is of miscommunication or not at all communication. If this happens then the relationship doesn't grow and does not remain futile.
  • Mental Connection: if both have totally different thought process then they don't understand each other thoughts which create differences which lead to disturbance in the marital paradise of the couple. For example, if one is intended towards progressive thoughts and another one has an entirely different row of thoughts then there are guarantee chances of the rift.
  • Financial Stability: as it is said that if a financial status is clear to both bride or groom, then they know how their relation will workout. Be it a boy or girl they expect that their counterparts to be well versed and have the financial stability to keep their life happy.
  • Physical Attraction: this is one of the most important aspects of any relationship if the couple is not physically attracted or feel for each other till then they can’t put their hundred percent in the relation. As well as they have also some set of expectation of the looks from their future partner.

We have already a set of desire or expectation when a thought of marriage comes to us, so be it a boy or girl they have a set of desires they look forward in their partners. Sometimes these desires become unrealistic and they have to suffer when then they don't find the expectations in their relation. This feeling let alone suffers the individual and develop the bitterness which harms them to lead a happy life. It is said that whatever is happening with us today is somewhere or other connect us to our earlier life. It is said that astrology has the solution to the various problems individual are facing, there is saying that everyone faces the karma earlier or later.

Past Karma Effect On Boys Kundli

As it is clear that whatever happened with us in today’s time is somewhere connected to us from our past lives.

Ways To Find It Through Birth Chart

  • We can found out the history of person's past life through the birth chart. According to Vedic astrology placement of planet and strength of the planet in the birth chart depends on the past life’s good or bad karmas.
  • Every planet has karmic indications, the situation of the planets decide that karma is bad or good. In the case of marriage, our rishis say, when the significator of marriage Venus in the main chart, badly placed or combined with malefic planets and aspected by malefic planet indicate negative karma done for women ( physically or mentally tortured by you in past life).
  • This summons as you will be tortured by a woman in this life or you will be delayed to get the pleasure, peace, love through the woman.  ​​​​​​​

    Past Karma Effect On Girl’s Kundli

  • Same as in the female natal chart, Jupiter is the significator of marriage so bad placement of Jupiter's or combination with the malefic planet or debilitation of the planet or retro creation of planet.

    The Indications In The Birth Chart

  • Indicates the negative karma in past life, related to the Jupiter planet ( a curse of a guru, brahmin or old person or any god or goddess) it means there may be delay in marriage and marital problems can happen.
  • In the same manner, if the seventh house ( house of marriage afflicted from malefic planets) shows the negative karmas in the past life.
  • The manifestation of these situations may occur bad marriage life. All these formulas show that married life success or failure depends upon past life karma.​​​​​​​

    Why do you need to go for Kundali Milan

  • Kundli Milan is termed as one of the most important aspects of happy marriage, but as it is said that our birth chart already describes that what type of a partner we are going to get in life. As in earlier paragraphs, it is already described that how a wrong deed in past life has to be paid off in present life as the karma. The below can be some important points that’s why Kundli Milan is important:

  • It is termed as if proper of kundli matching is done with the cancellation of negativity then the married life can be termed happy.
  • An expert Vedic astrologer suggest that kundli milan help the bride and groom to keep the longevity of the relation even if the times are harder for both the counterparts.

  • It is said that Kundli Milan will help the couple beforehand that what impact they will show in their counterparts life, this will calculate that in which means your partner will affect you.
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    Want To Know Where To End Queries

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