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Matching more than 25 gunas while kundali matching, still astrologers are saying NO to the match, what can be the possible reaso

As per our Hindu system whenever a marriage is supposed to take place, the janam kundli for a boy and the girl is required to be matched. Matching a Kundli signifies a sign of happiness and bliss in marital life.

One can get the matchmaking done by going to the astrologer or getting it done by an online kundli generator. It is said that minimum of 18 gunas a required to match to go ahead with the marriage.

There have been instances where even after a successful match of marriage Kundli astrologers won't suggest going ahead with the marriage due to many reasons involved. Further, we will discuss the reason for the same.

  1. If any of the bride or groom's astrology Kundli has Manglik dosha, then even after all the gunas are matching a marriage is not recommended. To proceed ahead one need to consult an astrologer for Manglik dosha remedies.

  2. Another reason as per kundli prediction, that the presence of multiple doshas in any one of the kundli does is not considered to go ahead with the marriage. Therefore, one needs to resolve this issue by praying to Ma Katyayani to please her.

  3. When looking into your kundli horoscope, if the 7th house is under the influence of weak or benefic planets, then marriage is not recommended. Consult an experienced astrologer to know the necessary remedies for this.

  4. As per few experienced astrologers, a perfect kundli milan by name does not guarantee a successful marriage, due to Mahendra Koota dosha. Mahendra Koota signifies the financial compatibility of couples after marriage.

  5. In the kundli horoscope of a girl and boy, Upendra Koota dosha is another factor which can come as a hindrance to a blissful marriage. As this dosha signifies troubles related to children.

  6. Nadi dosha is considered as one of the major doshas when matching a marriage kundli. Nadi refers to the pulse of a person, which signifies the psychological compatibility between the spouse.

  7. In astrology kundli for the prospective bride and groom, Gana dosha is another important factor in hindrance to going ahead with the marriage. Gana specifies the increasing affection and love between the partners over the period of time.

  8. Always match Yoni Koota when making a boy and girl's kundli prediction. As Yoni specifies the prosperity of a couple. A dosha in this area is not considered to be healthy.

  9. Getting your horoscope checked with a kundli maker, see if Dina Koota is compatible with the prospective couples. Dina signifies the longevity of married life, which is an important aspect of a successful life.

  10. In the janam kundli of a prospective bride and groom, a compatible varna is an essential requirement. Varna means compatibility of ideas, beliefs, and principal of a couple, which is needed to lead a conflict-free married life.

  11. When doing a kundli milan by name, compatibility of gotra becomes important because it is considered as an important point for the growth of lineage after married life.

  12. When using an online kundli generator, there you can see the compatibility or incompatibility of Astakavarga of the couples. Astakavarga signifies the mental compatibility of the couple as it means a peaceful a good life.

Whenever you get your birth chart checked by using kundli maker, keep in mind that these astrological aspects are meant to fix by our own selves. Trusting and having enough faith in astrology will surely guide you to the best.

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