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Marriage prediction: How to determine the Most favourable time in the coming future

Marriage being the beginning of life brings great responsibilities as well. Two people come together so that they can spend rest of the life together. The planetary energies influencing each and every aspect of our lives also determine the success and failure of our actions, depending upon the time of initiating a particular task. To make things work marriage astrology uses these techniques to make marriage work.

To check the age of marriage the technique of natal chart analysis in Vedic Astrology is adopted. To know the correct time of marriage one sees the clues from the natal chart. This is to see that there is compatibility in couple and they live a happy life ahead. These natal charts are mostly used by Hindus for the marriage predictions so that the couple doesn't face any problem in coming future.

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The main thing to focus here is to see that the natal hart doesn't get to the correct conclusion just because of the changes in the malefic planets. And not to forget that if the planets are week or can be easily surrendered to other planet than marriage won't give the desirable result.

Here are some points which state the position of planets which are suitable for marriage:

The House of Marriage

The astrologer when asked for marriage he looks in the 7th house of the chart. Therefore, 7th house belongs to possibilities of marriage. Marriage astrology believes in these kinds of rituals as they are been followed by our ancestors as well. Marriage predictions are first made and the kundalis are matched then only with the approval of elders the decision the marriage ceremony is conducted.

The lord of marriage is Venus, and to study the possibilities of marriage the plants who are about to make a replacement in 7th house are considered, on basis of which the marriage is decided. Marriage decided in the time period of these planets and they see that there are no future hindrances for the marriage to be held in future.

The 2nd house and 11th house on the chart are also taken into consideration as they are the houses which are related to family and fulfillment of one's desire. These two houses are also taken into account they also play an important role in deciding the passage of marriage. Marriage horoscope of bride and groom are taken into consideration, when both the horoscope matches and astrologer makes sure that after marriage the bridge and groom won't face any problems in future and will live a happy married life.  

In case Saturn is giving his presence in the conjunction with Venus, then there are possibilities of hindrances in marriage and marriage cannot take place. Marriage predictions are taken with the help of the natal charts which are checked and matched for marriage.

The D-9 Chart Gives Out Specific Clues

Navamsa chart which consist of nine blocks, is helpful if one wants more details of the possibilities. It tells proper time of marriage and how the circumstance will be in married life ahead. If a pattern in natal chart is found anywhere in the Navamsa chart then the astrologer can assure the possibility of marriage.

When lord Jupiter crosses the ascendant lord in the Navamsa chart, then possibilities of marriage increases. The crossing of lord Jupiter is also a favorable sign in marriage to take place.

Transits Triggering Marriage

The natal charts tell us about the results of the marriage and do the calculations for the knowledge of future. This is the process which needs to be followed for a healthy and pure marriage life ahead.

When the lords of 2nd, 7th and 11th house comes in a position which is believed to be a good sign for the organizing of marriage, than this forms the transit triggering marriage prospect.

The most favorable time is when lord Jupiter and Lord Venus are in collision to one other. Their presence is the Navamsa chart makes sure that the marriage will prove successful in future to come. Lord Jupiter and lord Venus transiting through the 7th house or aspecting the 7th house during a transit will create a favorable time for getting married.

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